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Business needs faster and accurate outcomes. For this, accessibility of data anytime anywhere is a must. This has brought mobility services in the limelight. Today, every enterprise, big or small, needs to incorporate mobility services in their business. It is a prerequisite for any business. Mobility services at Intellectyx are secure and effective that can seamlessly integrate mobile into your traditional workplace. If you want to bring your business in motion and want to experience this new and electrifying world of mobile service, Intellectyx is all set to serve you.

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Our stack of mobility services include

Mobility Services

Mobile service means business in motion. Today’s volatile and electrifying world of business demands faster and perfect outcomes within no time. This requires accessibility to data everywhere, even on the go. Hence, businesses demand for mobility services. This gives you freedom to conduct business with anyone, anywhere, anytime, without any hassle. Many biggies dealing in mobility services have designed some amazing tools that help client set their mobile strategy and integrate it into their traditional work environment. Seamless integration of this newly designed sophisticated mobility solution is not an easy task. This needs lot of technical expertise. Lot of tools and techniques are applied for making an enterprise mobile. Intellectyx is one such mobility service provider that offers an optimized and secure solution to companies who needs it. We are a mobility service provider that designs strategy according to user needs, no matter what the dimensions are. For us, customer comes first!

What do we do?

At Intellectyx, we design mobile solution keeping in mind various aspects including the way employees, customers, partners and end-users interact with an enterprise. We want to deliver a real-time experience to our customers at every touch-point. With a smart mobility strategy backed by the modern tools and techniques a business can easily transform into a mobile enterprise. Transforming your business into a mobile business can improve your productivity exceptionally. With this technology your internal services are exposed to mobile devices that help drive new revenue from external developer communities. This service extends your horizon and offers you new opportunities to grow and make money. We at Intellectyx offer a range of tools and services for the mobile enterprise that believes in growth and advancement. We dedicate our mobility services to all the enterprises who believe in moving with the speed of its customers and want to be in competition.
With our explosion of devices and technologies created for appropriate mobility solutions we ensure secure real-time access to the data. Our concrete and comprehensive mobile enablement strategy delivers smart mobility solution, reduce data risks, cut down time to market and increase profits. Using this mobile solution your business can get more opportunities, both financially and generally.

How different are we as a mobile service provider?

We deliver mobile solution in a systematic order. First of all we design a transformation strategy for mobility, which delivers effective results. Once your enterprise is mobile we start working on its improvement because we believe that change is constant. If you want to be in the race, keep changing your business model, new and fresh technology needs to be welcomed. Now that we serve you with the latest we want you to be aware of all the modern apps that your business requires. And finally, security of all the mobility services that we provide. We constantly work on our security measures, optimization techniques and its smooth integration in the traditional work environment. We serve you from the very beginning till end.
Experience high quality, secure and managed service at Intellectyx and improve your productivity!

Case study

Pharma KPI As market pressures demand increased innovation and shorter product lifecycles, pharmaceutical companies are evaluating alternative business models, focusing on technologies – such as business intelligence. This paper will talk in detail about the various KPIs that are essential in building a BI platform for pharmaceutical companies.

Big Data Every day, we create 2.5 quintillion bytes of data — so much that 90% of the data in the world today has been created in the last two years alone. The increasing volume and detail of information captured by enterprises, the rise of multimedia, social media, and the Internet of Things will fuel exponential growth in data for the foreseeable future. This white paper will explain what is Big Data and provide practical examples, concluding with a message how to put your data to work.

Media, Publications and Marketing

Clickstream Analytics solution combines Big Data and advanced analytics to improve revenue yield, increase customer satisfaction, measure true marketing impact, create deep brand awareness. Our customers use Insight to make fast, informed decisions that will have a real impact on their business. With Insight, marketers can identify patterns and quickly change experiences as demand or activity changes.