Business Intelligence in Pharma

Business Intelligence in Pharma

Pharma-clinical-trial-programs have resisted adopting BI due to its inability to satisfy regulations; including security, audit-trails and communication between companies. While not commonly seen in clinical trials, pharma companies have benefited from utilizing BI. For example, Astra Zeneca uses BI to generate immediate responses to report inquiries, while Roch’s Spain Division uses BI to generate and send individualized information to each division. Both companies increased sales since incorporating BI solutions into their decision-making process. Pharma companies can benefit from using BI in clinical trials to create Clinical Research Intelligence frameworks to enhance data collection, analysis, reporting, and dissemination to participants in other locations.

What is Rapid Fire Business Intelligence?

What is Rapid Fire Business Intelligence?

Rapid-fire BI is a new approach to providing true business intelligence delivering dramatically better business results. While traditional BI platforms perfected scheduled, parameterized reports, they do not do what they now espouse: provide self-service business intelligence.

Below are some of the attributes of Rapid Fire Business Intelligence

User-Driven Approach

Analytics and reporting are decentralized and produced by the people using the results. IT provides the infrastructure, but business people create their reports and dashboards.

Easy Visual Interfaces

The user interfaces leverage the human brain and natural curiosity; results are visual and interactive. People get answers faster – they’re smarter and more effective. If people don’t find the software easy to use, they won’t use the software. End of story.

Flexible Configurations

Companies need BI based on today’s needs without cramping growth. Whether today’s need is one business analyst with one data source or 10,000 field representatives accessing hundreds of sources, software needs to be configurable and priced to support that.

High Performance

BI needs to run fast. Your BI solution must have multiple means of getting that performance. Different departments and organizations have different needs.

Easy Administration

IT can support the new BI application with existing staff and infrastructure. No professional services (or fees) required.