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    Things to remember when selecting a domain name

    Here are few tips when it comes to domain name selection

    Keep it short – This will enable your target market to remember the website, company name and also avoid misspellings.
     No hyphenations please – At all cost avoid website names with special characters such as hyphens, underscore etc., Also avoid naming websites with words like “TheHearingDocs.org” etc.,

    Stick with .com rather than other domain extensions – The .com is widely accepted extension for profit related business. Remember .org is usually used for nonprofit organizations
    Avoid singular vs. plural – If there is a website with HearingDoc.org, please don’t create a website with HearingDocs.org as some of your traffic could go to the other website
    Try to be unique – Don’t be afraid to create an unique name which doesn’t have much real meaning to what you do. E.g. amazon.com, sun.com, google.com, apple.com. We understand that it’s important to have keywords in the domain but thats not the only factor. If you could have keywords in the domain, thats great but if you cannot don’t worry about. Content plays a very critical role than just the name and what other website thinks about you is equally important.
    Have one site vs. multiple website – If you have one website, it enables you to build brand equity around that one name. However if budget is not a constraint, then you can spread different names pointing to one but even there we would encourage you to start with one.
    Cannot avoid multiple website – If you cannot avoid having multiple websites, make sure that the redirect is a permanent redirect 302 and not 301 as it matters from search engine optimization perspective
    Avoid numbers – You may want to move away from using numbers. E.g. “vconnect2people.org” or “vconnectu.org”
    Brandable - Names doesn’t have to really have keywords but something easy and brandable. E.g Amazon, Xerox, Google
    Unique – The more unique it is , the more easy to remember and stand out from the rest. E.g. Google

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  • retro jordan shoes
  • 2014 jordan shoes
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