Data Services

Analytics .

Relations – some are bad, some are strong, some are Meh! Understanding these relations around various data dimensions and measures enables us to create positive outcomes. Yeah just like anything else in life! Unlocking these relations helps business to gain that extra little edge over their competition and make a big difference. That’s exactly what we do as part of our analytics service offering. We use a combination of Descriptive (past –what happened), Diagnostic (reason – why did it happen), Predictive (future – what might happen) and Prescriptive (what should we do- potential outcomes) models for better performance.

  • Descriptive analytics that give us historic insights regarding the organization’s operations, production, financials, sales, inventory and customers.
  • Hmm why did it happen – we have helped business operational centers more powerful suing a combination of devops solutions plus diagnostic models.
  • Customer Segmentation, Social media, Sentimental and Behavioral Analytics.
  • Learning Analytics in measuring and aiding better student – teacher performance and outcomes.
  • In store Analytics and Location based Pricing, Customer Loyalty and Retention
  • Logistics & Supply Chain Performance, Loss Prevention & Cross Selling Opportunities
  • Merchandising and Dynamic Pricing Optimization and Customer Churn Analysis
  • Predictive Sales Forecast & Demand Analytics, Consumer Behavior & Buying Pattern Prediction
  • Claim Analytics, Customer Experience and Insight, 360 Degree View of Customer
  • Pure Premium Models, Price Optimization & Competitive
Our team of data scientists provide analytics solution best suited to your business to gain the competitive edge irrespective of the challenges whether its complex or simple.