BlockChain (DLT)

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BlockChain (DLT)

The application of Blockchain technology at Intellectyx leads to the production of solutions that are applied across various industries. Although blockchain technology may unreachable for a lot of organizations, our blockchain team channels the capabilities of blockchain for developing tools that optimize routine as well as complex processes within organizations. Blockchain is applied in organizations with different structures, including, non-profit organizations for ensuring automation, transparency, and efficiency.

In our blockchain lab, products that make blockchain tangible to organizations are developed. We provide blockchain solutions which include products and services suitable for startups as well as those suitable entrepreneurs.

For startups, we focus on product development by providing services such as product development workshops. Other products and services tailored to the needs of startups include the integration of public blockchain network as well as the application of blockchain’s smart contract that is typically applied in auditing. We also develop centralized blockchain systems for integration of activities. Our services for startups include consulting.

Our blockchain products and services are also particularly tailored to the needs of entrepreneurs. These products and services include proof of concept services which could be proof of concept workshop or proof of concept development.

Intellectyx blockchain services also include migrating the business to the blockchain infrastructure. We also develop consortium networks for entrepreneurs. Our blockchain consulting service also applies to entrepreneurs, just as for startups.

With our blockchain products and services, we strive to deliver the best quality suitable for business needs. We ensure quality by adhering to in-house regulations, as well as general regulations that apply to the industry.

Thus, we ensure compliance with the different regulatory bodies that regulate the application of blockchain. The regulations which we follow in developing blockchain solutions include the anti-money laundering regulations and the know your customer regulations to ensure the efficiency of solutions delivered to clients.

The process of developing blockchain products and services at Intellectyx, which is carried out by a team of experts in the application of required tools starts with the initial process of understanding business needs presented. A plan is then drawn and executed. After the blockchain solution is deployed, required support for an established timeframe is provided from out blockchain lab.

We adhere to standards that ensure the efficiency as well as security of blockchain solutions. These standards include end-to-end encryption, code audit and security audit. We also adhere to the continuous development and integration. Round-the-clock at Intellectyx blockchain lab results in the delivery of only the best quality.

We collaborate with various businesses by taking the time to review and identify opportunities, if any, that may be of relevance to realize new product and services via BlockChain.