admin - September 9, 2019

Top 33 Influencers In Big Data & Analytics In 2019-20

Big data analytics plays a significant role in the decision-making process of an organization. It has to do with examining a large number of data sets to find out and identify the hidden patterns that are behind their existence. No doubt, there are people and brands behind the analysis of data, and thus responsible for...

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admin - September 9, 2019

How Hadoop Helps Companies Manage Big Data?

Initially designed in 2006, Hadoop is an amazing software particularly adapted for managing and analysis big data in structured and unstructured forms. The creators of Hadoop developed an open source technology based on input, which included technical papers that were written by Google. The initial design of Hadoop has undergone several modifications to become the go-to data management...

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admin - September 9, 2019

Top Analytics & Business Intelligence Trends for 2019

Over the years, more technological solutions have become available for businesses and other organizations. The development of available technologies has led feats that are achievable in 2019 as well as the available BI tools.   2019 could thus be described as a year when a lot of growth has been achieved in the analytics and...

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how to use big data analytics to grow marketing roi

Raj Joseph - July 13, 2019

How to Use Big Data Analytics to Grow Your Marketing ROI

Every form of marketing is aimed at getting the attention of prospective customers. The effectiveness of every marketing campaign is thus determined by the response gotten from customers as well as the prospects. The response of clients would then determine the returns on investment of the marketing endeavors. Do you know big data analytics can help you grow your marketing…

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how big data is changing real estate industry

Raj Joseph - June 15, 2019

How Big Data is Changing the Commercial Real Estate Industry

Introduction  The advancement in technology all over the globe has not only affected the banking and financial sector, but it is also transforming the real estate sector positively. One such technology that is changing how transactions are carried out in the real estate sector is big data. In the last few years, there has been…

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Big Data

Raj Joseph - April 27, 2017

Capitalize on Big Data with Advanced Analytics in Retail Sector

What is big data with advanced analytics? There are pertinent reasons why big data and analytics have become inherently important for corporate success. When used optimally, together they can transform the way many organizations do business, and deliver performance improvements, which are hard to visualize in their absence. No wonder, organizations have been focusing on…

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The power of UX

Shanmuga pragash - April 7, 2017

The power of UX

With more and more applications, every day in our life, the amount of interactions and span of attention we have becomes more and more short and limited. Gone are the days when we had the time to consider multiple screens, visuals to understand what’s happening. Today’s work dictate a necessity of just needed number and…

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customer 360 analytics

Shanmuga pragash - March 17, 2017

Find your customer insights using customer 360° analytics

Businesses are seeking for the ways to increase their sales and to advertise their product with affordable cost. Todays technology has enabled us to collect huge piles of business-centric data with prospect demographics, user preference data, and transactional data. More of such data means deeper customer insights which help businesses to collect, analyze, and develop…

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Analytics in financial industry

Raj Joseph - April 20, 2016

Using Analytics to Fight Fraud in Finance Sector

Fraud in finance sector is a “real threat” that banks and other financial institutions are facing often these days. It is certainly a gift of technology that has made us so vulnerable! Are we having enough resources to fight it out? Let’s find out! In this age, when technology is ruling our lives and adding…

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