Predictive analytics in retail

Shanmuga pragash - April 4, 2016

Customer Analytics Solutions in Retail, 2016

Retail industry is backed by customer analytics. It is considered to be the force that unlocks the hidden value in the customer data. How true is that? Well, we need to find out the truth! Customer analytics in retail has undergone drastic changes over the last few decades. Today, the challenges are too many and…

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Raj Joseph - February 10, 2016

Impact of data driven decision making in Retail

The power of data is not hidden anymore from enterprises across the globe. Big Data has encompassed all fields from healthcare, finance, manufacturing or retail and many more. Data has strong potential to transform the way enterprises carry out business. Most Retailers are fairly experienced with web analytics providing them with the necessary data insights,…

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What are Learning Analytics?

Lily Caroline - February 1, 2016

Learning analytics in the e-Learning world

With the introduction of newer technologies into the IT world, there is an increasing demand of quickly learning these cutting edge technologies to be able to adapt it and be ready to apply it in practice. Books no doubt offer all the relevant knowledge that is required, but with the internet era having a strong…

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Analytics of Everything

Raj Joseph - January 19, 2016

Analytics of things is the Future

Now, it’s time to move from Internet of Things (IOT) to Analytics of Things (AOT)! The Internet of Things created buzz in the past. It is huge and has great potential. IOT backed by accurate analysis can create magic. Let’s discover the power of Analytics of Things – it has the potential to empower your…

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Data Analytics Company Denver

Raj Joseph - December 10, 2015

Data Analytics Companies Overview

What is Data analytics? If you go by the formal definition of Data Analytics (DA), it is the science of examining raw data to be able to draw the right conclusions and empower humans to make better decisions. Data analytics is leveraged in almost every industry to help enterprises make well informed and better business…

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Retail analytics

Shanmuga pragash - August 10, 2015

Retail Analytics in Dynamic Pricing

Shopping trends have changed, so is the behaviour of the customers. Every shopper wants fast, cost effective and easily accessible shopping solution. Who else but online shopping sites offer them all this and lot more! How do they perform so effectively? This new phenomenon is named as Dynamic Pricing! Overview on Dynamic Pricing To meet…

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supply chain

Raj Joseph - July 15, 2015

Retail Analytics in Supply Chain Management

Do you think big data analytics is a new fad in the retail industry? Re-acquaint yourself with the latest in the industry else your supply chain planning and management will go haywire. These days retail analytics is a requirement in supply chain management! By now you must have understood one thing that supply chain management…

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IBM watson

Raj Joseph - April 8, 2015

How IBM Watson is going to change the lives of billions in healthcare and retail?

IBM Watson has truly proved that change is the law of nature. And it has changed the whole scenario of older applications and devices. Thanks to IBM for such a wonderful, unique and awesome cognitive technology! With the help of Watson, enterprises from healthcare to retail can easily evolve their present processes and can gain…

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financial kpi

Shanmuga pragash - February 28, 2013

Financial KPI

Financial Key Performance Indicators (Financial KPIs) help any organization to measure their performance irrespective of size. These critical components helps the stakeholders, investors both potential and current, current stock holders and customers assess the performance. These are very critical components of any business intelligence platforms that needs to be deployed to help companies know the …

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