10 big data trends to watch in 2019

Raj Joseph - June 1, 2019

10 Big Data Trends to Watch in 2019

There are possibly endless potentials in the application of big data, especially for businesses. With big data, businesses can gain insights into developing trends and tailor their operations towards these trends and make maximum gains. Technological developments are thus underway to ensure that maximum benefits are attained from big data. Because of the ever-evolving nature of technological improvements…

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Why Is Data Quality Important In A World Of Fake News?

Raj Joseph - May 21, 2019

Why Is Data Quality Important In A World Of Fake News?

Introduction In our present world, data acquisition on almost anything is possible and so much easier than any time before. The continuous advancement of Information Technology, backed by the ever-expanding communication channels has left us with a closely connected world where the minutest piece of information can go viral within seconds, regardless of whether it…

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How data-based insights help you retain valuable customers and increase revenue in telecom industry?

Raj Joseph - May 3, 2017

How data-based insights help you retain valuable customers and increase revenue in telecom industry?

What is big data analytics? Big data has assumed a significant role in the success and growth of a company. The only challenge, however, is to use it optimally to improvise the business processes in such a way that you get desired performance from business and data thus collected. The need of the hour is…

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How big data can improve manufacturing

Raj Joseph - March 24, 2016

Apache Hadoop, Big Data Analytics for Manufacturing

Manufacturing industry needs revolutionary methods to optimize operations, improve product quality at a reduced distribution cost – Apache Hadoop and Big Data Analytics is the solution! A traditional method of data analysis and improvement doesn’t work anymore. We need advanced and more specific methods of data analysis that can help manufacturers find new opportunities to…

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big data changes

admin - March 21, 2016

How big data changes everything in the finance industry?

Nowadays, big data is an integral part of strategy planning and execution of any business for achieving exceptional outcomes. Last year was a remarkable year for banking and all other financial institutions. This makes us hopeful but reluctant too! Does future holds growth, profitability and stability in the financial sector? Will there be more customer…

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Raj Joseph - April 8, 2015

Big data Analytics using Natural Language Processing algorithms to process Social media data and present it with a simple visualization platform to the customers.

It’s said, Simple algorithm with big data is better than complex algorithm with small data??. Computers understand structures languages known as coding. It’s ironic that natural language which is mostly unstructured is easiest for humans to learn and use, is toughest for a computer to master it. In case of language used in social media,…

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