Recruitment process

Shanmuga pragash - October 6, 2017

Recruiting Process Outdated!

After years of recruiting candidates both in U.S and globally, I feel the whole process of recruiting is broken. Our reliance on technology without any relevance of the company values and belief systems, following mindless procedures and interviews, filling up forms just to get to the next stage is crazy! Even when you feel you…

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Raj Joseph - April 8, 2015

Semantic search functionality (Cognitive computing) and social media data UIMA, NLP, Elasticsearch/Solr How to teach computers to observe, evaluate and decide.

Consider an example from our daily life. When we enter into an unfamiliar dark room, and try to turn on the light, our memory informs us the most likely place in a room a light switch can be at. This memory is created from the reminder of several repeated past incidents when we had switched…

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Raj Joseph - October 31, 2014

Growing Business Changes and IT Challenges

The management of business and operations in organizations is becoming more challenging and complex. Effectively managing and working with this complexity means IT organizations are called on to provide business-intelligence-related capabilities for understanding where and how value is created in the business, and responding more quickly to market changes and opportunities. These macro business changes…

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financial kpi

Shanmuga pragash - February 28, 2013

Financial KPI

Financial Key Performance Indicators (Financial KPIs) help any organization to measure their performance irrespective of size. These critical components helps the stakeholders, investors both potential and current, current stock holders and customers assess the performance. These are very critical components of any business intelligence platforms that needs to be deployed to help companies know the …

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business intelligence

Shanmuga pragash - October 16, 2012

Choosing the Right Business Intelligence Consultancy

Are you looking for ways to consolidate your business’ multiple data sources to make them work more efficiently? Do you want to obtain a competitive advantage by analyzing large amounts of data of various types? Business intelligence consulting firms could be the answer for your needs, helping you uncover various hidden information relationships, as well…

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Big Data in health care

Raj Joseph - September 14, 2012

Big Data in Healthcare – Transforming the Healthcare Paradigm

Using big data in healthcare – e.g. big data in hospitals, clinics, and EMR, – is inciting a transformation in the way that way doctors treat patients. Providing healthcare providers with access to a full medical history gives a complete picture of an individual’s life, rather than just focusing on the obvious symptoms or relying…

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clinical data

Lily Caroline - February 8, 2012

Clinical Data Normalization

  Clinical data comes in all different forms and structures for the same piece of information. For example, age could be reported in years, or months or even in days. Without normalization i.e. converting disparate data into a single dataset view, it’s very hard to derive useful, meaningful clinical intelligence out of any medical data….

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customer insights

Raj Joseph - August 18, 2011

How well do you know your customer?

For retailers of all types and sizes, gaining insight into consumer preferences, needs and decision making processes is critical. Consumers can be fickle; being fiercely brand loyal when it comes to certain purchases, extremely value conscience when purchasing a new product and yet impulsive when it comes to another purchase. Today’s companies need the following…

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clinical data

Lily Caroline - May 6, 2011

Competitive Intelligence Automated

Gathering, analyzing, and applying superior competitive intelligence is one of the most critical factors in any successful business operation. Continuous monitoring about your competitors is essential to stay alive in the market place and in reducing response time to competitor moves. However the process of getting access to those data could be challenging, manual, and time…

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