Digital transformation in HR

Raj Joseph - September 7, 2017

The Future of Recruitment Business – Digital Transformation

Finding and recruiting the best talent remains the greatest cause of concern for any recruiter today. In fact, the demand for skilled labor exceeds the availability and supply of candidates, who are actively looking for an opportunity. This dilemma highlights the need for having a robust system in place, which is only possible with the…

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Digital transformation in manufacturing

Lily Caroline - September 5, 2017

Why manufacturing industry needs digital transformation?

In the era of technological evolution and advancement, no business or manufacturer can solely take all orders by phone and then keep updating the inventory manually, or use a printed map to find their destination. Digital transformation certainly plays a significant role in the regular operations of modernized companies. The major cause for this transformation…

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Digital Transformation company

Shanmuga pragash - June 28, 2017

How Digital transformation in retail sector makes you different from your rivals?

Defining Digital transformation Digital transformation is real and is here to stay! In fact, technology is now an inseparable part of all consumer-oriented industries and retail is no exception. Today’s consumer has become extremely demanding and seeks personalization, tailor-made solutions as well as seamless interaction across all possible channels. For the same reason, the 2017’s…

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web portal developmengt company

Lily Caroline - January 25, 2017

Portal Development

A web portal is different from a website. It is a specially designed website that gets information from diverse sources in a consistent way. In a web portal, each source of information has a dedicated page/section for displaying the fetched information. The pages (portlet) are configurable and the user can decide which information (portlets) to…

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Custom web application

Lily Caroline - January 25, 2017

Web service

Web service integration has become a necessity today as they allow dynamic interaction with clients and customers. It also makes simple for enterprises to do business with partners and customers. The best part is web services integration is low cost, and the simplicity of the technology and its pervasiveness allows the staff to do more…

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How to quickly convert flash games into mobile apps

Raj Joseph - February 18, 2016

Conversion of Flash to App (iOS and Android)

For the present day customer, mobile is an important asset. Right from business mails to shopping to movie watching to reading, all is done on mobile phone. Hence, we need to provide customer’s a platform which is compatible on mobile as well. Earlier most of the data was flash-based, which doesn’t work now. It requires…

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Convert video to OGG

Lily Caroline - February 18, 2016

Conversion of Flash Animation to M4V / OGG

To bring out the best from your existing flash video and audio content, non-interactive flash animations are converted into M4V / OGG files that easily run on HTML5 browsers. Quality of audio and video is exceptionally good and you are free from flash environment too. This non-flash content can be embedded into mobile apps as…

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converts a SWF flash game to html5

Lily Caroline - February 17, 2016

Conversion of Flash SWF files to mobile friendly HTML5 framework

Making use of the portability and adaptability feature of this new age technology, a developer can create a responsive website. Now, there is no need to maintain two separate websites for mobile and desktop. Using a suitable flash to HTML5 framework one can easily make the conversion and make it look and perform as intended….

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Create HTML5 Canvas documents in Animate CC

Raj Joseph - February 17, 2016

Conversion of Flash to HTML5/JS/CSS

Content is king online! Hence, it needs a royal treatment.  Content, not only needs to be appealing and pertinent but presentable too.  Earlier, flash technology was good enough to make a content look appealing. But now, with the changing customer needs and technological advancement, flash is somehow becoming old and obsolete. It is no more…

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