machine learning for smart manufacturing

Raj Joseph - July 9, 2019

Machine Learning Techniques for Smart Manufacturing: Applications and Challenges in Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 is now underway, changing the traditional manufacturing processes into smart manufacturing and creating new opportunities where machines can understand the involved processes, interact with the environment, and adapt to their behavior. Artificial Intelligence and Big Data are making machines in the manufacturing industry smarter than before by addressing how to build computers that…

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Machine Learning In Retail Sector- Benefits, Use Case Explained

Raj Joseph - June 17, 2019

Machine Learning In Retail Sector: Benefits, Use Case Explained

Before Artificial Intelligence and machine learning retailers relied on data-driven decisions for the success of their businesses. Thanks to AI and machine learning retailers can now track their customers’ purchase trends through data sources like loyalty programs, purchase history, CRM databases, social media activity, market trends, and consumer demands. The role of machine learning in…

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importance of data quality

Raj Joseph - June 5, 2019

The Role of AI and Machine Learning in Data Quality

In this digital era of advanced information technology and communication, the ever-expanding channels bring both opportunities and challenges. It is very easy today to acquire customers’ data which can help you design effective marketing campaigns, personalized efforts, and fundraising efforts. This increases the chances of the business succeeding if the data acquired is accurate. However,…

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Raj Joseph - October 29, 2018

GDPR Compliance- Using Machine Learning to Enhance Privacy

In the current global tech market, many companies have their data scattered across multiple networks, for a lot of business (personal) data processing is a significant activity. “Personal data”- it might be any information relating to an individual’s private, professional, or public life which is used, shared and transferred around the globe instantaneously, making it…

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