open source business

Shanmuga pragash - August 29, 2012

Open Source Business Intelligence – Does it matter?

The top reason given for the use of open source business intelligence software is cost savings. The question is whether open source matters when it comes to license and support costs. How real are cost savings? How much does BI software and ongoing support actually cost? The answer is that open source does matter. At the…

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open source business

Raj Joseph - September 6, 2011

Open Source Business Intelligence Products with Enterprise Features

Open source does not always equal free software. In some cases it is, but you will get what you pay for: just certain components rather than entire suites, or products and suites that lack the functionality required for large enterprise operations. So its important to understand and compare the enterprise suite functionalities that is available…

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Lily Caroline - February 9, 2011

Pentaho – Open source BI

As part of a new initiative, we are working on developing real time dashboards using an open source BI engine – Pentaho. Pentaho provide immediate insight into individual, departmental, or enterprise performance. By delivering key metrics in an attractive and intuitive visual interface, Pentaho gives business users the critical information they need to understand and…

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