Data visualization helps in sales

Raj Joseph - June 24, 2019

7 Ways Data Visualization Can Improve Sales and Marketing Alignment

Organizations routinely manage and gather a lot of data. Routinely, the sales and marketing teams of these organizations are tasked with making meanings out of the accumulated data. These teams utilize a variety of tools in transforming the accumulated data into forms that summarize them as well as make them more relatable and understandable. Data…

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data visualization guide

Lily Caroline - May 1, 2019

Data Visualization – A Look into the Biases, Questions & Types

“By visualizing information, we turn it into a landscape that you can explore with your eyes, a sort of information map.” – David McCandless As times go by we have become proficient at collecting data, but have we become better at explaining what it all means. That’s still a question that we are yet to…

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Raj Joseph - April 2, 2019

A Comprehensive Guide to Data Visualization for Beginners

What is Data Visualization? For the success of your business, it is important that whatever data you have collected from internal as well as external sources should convey proper insight of your services, patterns or correlations to your boss, team members and to your clientele in the easiest way possible. Your data should be able…

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visualization to human

Raj Joseph - March 20, 2017

Visualization to humans with lesser attention span than goldfish?

It is told that today the attention span of human is dwindling so bad that its even lesser than a gold fish. In numbers, gold fish attention span is 9 seconds while we humans end up around 8 seconds. I understand and can relate to this where we constantly interrupted by volumes of data coming…

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Data Visualization

Shanmuga pragash - March 17, 2017

How to visualize your business use cases using data visualization?

Data Visualization gives us visual access to large amounts of data that can be easily understood. Many business leaders believe that narrating about their product/services will bring business but market analysts says that narration along with data visualization creates an impactful response from the user with numbers to back up. With creating business cases using…

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IOT Visualization

Raj Joseph - March 8, 2017

Visualization in a world of IOT

We all know the increased usage of connected devices in the last decade and the continued growth with a potential for the market to reach up to USD 724.2 Billion by 2023. Per Gartner, the number of connected IoT (Internet of Things) devices is expected to reach over 20.8 billion by 2020. With more and…

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Data visualization comapny-Intellectyx

Raj Joseph - February 24, 2017

What is data visualization and why it matters for your business?

Data visualization refers to the presentation of data in a graphical or pictorial format. It helps the decision makers to understand analytics visually and they can identify new patterns and grasp difficult concepts that would be difficult to understand otherwise. Interactive data visualization – One step closer to clarity Today, you can have interactive data…

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Convert flash grpahics to SVG

Shanmuga pragash - February 18, 2016

Conversion of Graphics to SVG

Generally, if we resize the artwork and Illustrations in books and websites, it gets distorted, especially when you are using these images on mobile. In overcome this problem, we need a conversion method that can keep the original picture quality intact and give the intended outcome. Hence, technical experts have created a vector art format…

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Data Visualization Company

Raj Joseph - December 9, 2015

How Data Analytics and Visualization Can Help your Business?

Value of data The need of the hour is to understand data (past or historic data, current data and future data) which is of utmost importance for improving the efficiency and productivity of the business operations of enterprises worldwide. Data helps to drive the business approach and improves its performance. The data when analyzed and…

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