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As far as we can date back, we have always had data. Da·ta – as you know may take any form not limited to character, symbols, pictures, videos. However just aggregation of data alone is not enough, as all it leads to is a world of data hoarding. We at Intellectyx take a comprehensive view of data platforms with the entire data life cycle in mind.

Every data that originates needs to have end or have an expiry date – a date that determines the life of the data or the date when it becomes irrelevant due to the changing customer behavior or integrations of different systems. This holistic approach (kind of spiritual data science around data enables us to define and maintain only usable data and leverage more importantly meaningful insights, plus predict futuristic happenings with high accuracy and relevancy.

Big Data, No Data, All Data to Right Data.

We work with all forms of data – all data models such as but not limited to column, document, key-value, graph, multi-model in all volumes – big, small, little and shapes – structured, unstructured, or semi-structure. Our experience has proven volume and velocity is a critical factor but what’s more relevant is having the right amount of data that is just enough to get insights on all three states - past, present and future. This enables our clients to predict and make smarter decisions as part of their day to data business operations. Our data design and architecture team uses this “right data” approach using a variety of technologies to get exactly that.

Some of the use cases currently involved are
  • Aggregation and Analysis of Click Stream data to analyze customer personas, segmentation, behaviors and purchase intents.
  • Intelligent Search for document management, digital asset management systems.
  • Data Lake solutions based on “ELT” to aid a variety of data exploration and unbiased decision. This also takes into the curation of raw data into usable data.
  • Open Data Portals for states, federals to promote transparency, compliance and insights
  • 360 Degree Customer Analysis that includes cross channel experience and engagement
  • Risk Analysis, Compliance Mandates and Workflows, Legislative artifact support
  • Transactional, Master Data Management Platforms, Data Warehouse Platforms that includes Staging, Online Data Store, Master and Customer Data Warehouse Data Marts
  • Big Data platforms for Optimization, Price Efficiency, Recommendation Engines for a variety of industry but not limited to travel, retail, ecommerce, insurance, and healthcare.
  • Archival, Search and retrieval of vast amount of PDF based data, images, videos etc.,
We have worked with a variety of data sets such as HDFS (Hadoop Distributed File System), NoSQL, in-memory databases which can coexist with any relational DBs as well using a wide array of technologies.

Visualization .

With more and more applications, every day in our life, the amount of interactions and span of attention we have becomes more and more short, limited. The necessity of consuming any such information must be faster, self-explanatory and simple enough to comprehend. This is only possible by using Visualization techniques that is easy enough to make smart moves by even so not smart machines or people.

Visualization to us means avoiding information overload and have a balance between information conveyed and simplicity of design to create simple yet quite powerful UI based interactive applications.

This balanced UI/UX approach has enabled us various opportunities with different clients such as listed below
  • Dashboard for a life science based product company using conversational AI.
  • Decision based analysis for a cognitive intelligence company that combines process/technology to power outcomes.
  • Real Time Operational visualization to improve workstation efficiency around manufacturing plants all over the world.
  • Sales, Marketing Visualization Dashboards or widgets that integrates with CRM, digital marketing and social media based applications
  • Employee Engagement Dashboards, Educational Graphical widgets for K-12, Productivity based outcome / KPI dashboards
  • KPI / Outcome based measures and dashboards for Pharma, Insurance, Retail, Marketing, Media & Entertainment, Banking and Financial. Dashboards
  • Mortgage Loan Evaluation Workflow Dashboards, Fraud Analysis and Risk Assessment, In-memory analysis.
Intellectyx’ user centric visualization approach has produced a consistent, conventional and desirable effect on the target audience and enabled our clients with an easy to use product set.

Analytics .

Relations – some are bad, some are strong, some are Meh! Understanding these relations around various data dimensions and measures enables us to create positive outcomes. Yeah just like anything else in life! Unlocking these relations helps business to gain that extra little edge over their competition and make a big difference. That’s exactly what we do as part of our analytics service offering. We use a combination of Descriptive (past –what happened), Diagnostic (reason – why did it happen), Predictive (future – what might happen) and Prescriptive (what should we do- potential outcomes) models for better performance.

  • Descriptive analytics that give us historic insights regarding the organization’s operations, production, financials, sales, inventory and customers.
  • Hmm why did it happen – we have helped business operational centers more powerful suing a combination of devops solutions plus diagnostic models.
  • Customer Segmentation, Social media, Sentimental and Behavioral Analytics.
  • Learning Analytics in measuring and aiding better student – teacher performance and outcomes.
  • In store Analytics and Location based Pricing, Customer Loyalty and Retention
  • Logistics & Supply Chain Performance, Loss Prevention & Cross Selling Opportunities
  • Merchandising and Dynamic Pricing Optimization and Customer Churn Analysis
  • Predictive Sales Forecast & Demand Analytics, Consumer Behavior & Buying Pattern Prediction
  • Claim Analytics, Customer Experience and Insight, 360 Degree View of Customer
  • Pure Premium Models, Price Optimization & Competitive
Our team of data scientists provide analytics solution best suited to your business to gain the competitive edge irrespective of the challenges whether its complex or simple.


Living in a world of anytime connectivity from anywhere using any device, its comes down to really how we connect with one another, devices to exchange useful information. The ability to understand the human – device connection and using that to enhance our life’s in a smarter way is what we focus on a world of interconnected devices. The ability to collect data from devices and use cognitive intelligence on top to shape our user behavior and device behavior is all that we use a guiding principle in our Internet of Things, Internet of People solutions.

Some of the IOT, IOP opportunities we have worked with are as below
  • Personalized marketing platform using geo-locations, relevance of ads.
  • Connecting various types of devices from monitor traffic signals and shipments to kitchen appliances like microwaves and refrigerators, to home security devices, utility meters, and medical devices.
  • Sensors, Devices, RFID based tagging in different environments and applications such as healthcare, farming, inventory management etc.
  • Connected vehicles everything from engine diagnostics to GPS data and infotainment systems,
  • Trucking industry DOT compliance made possible via Electronic Log Devices (ELD)
Intellectyx can bring IOT/IOP best practices, delivery methodologies, tools, standards, processes and experience to leverage a variety of connected devices that you may have.
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