Data Visualization and Business Intelligence

Data Visualization and Business Intelligence

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Data Visualization and Business Intelligence.

With more and more applications, every day in our life, the amount of interactions and span of attention we have becomes more and more short, limited. The necessity of consuming any such information must be faster, self-explanatory and simple enough to comprehend. This is only possible by using Visualization techniques that is easy enough to make smart moves by even so not smart machines or people.

Visualization to us means avoiding information overload and have a balance between information conveyed and simplicity of design to create simple yet quite powerful UI based interactive applications.

This balanced UI/UX approach has enabled us various opportunities with different clients such as listed below
  • Dashboard for a life science based product company using conversational AI.
  • Decision based analysis for a cognitive intelligence company that combines process/technology to power outcomes.
  • Real Time Operational visualization to improve workstation efficiency around manufacturing plants all over the world.
  • Sales, Marketing Visualization Dashboards or widgets that integrates with CRM, digital marketing and social media based applications
  • Employee Engagement Dashboards, Educational Graphical widgets for K-12, Productivity based outcome / KPI dashboards
  • KPI / Outcome based measures and dashboards for Pharma, Insurance, Retail, Marketing, Media & Entertainment, Banking and Financial. Dashboards
  • Mortgage Loan Evaluation Workflow Dashboards, Fraud Analysis and Risk Assessment, In-memory analysis.
Intellectyx’ user centric Data Visualization and Business Intelligence approach has produced a consistent, conventional and desirable effect on the target audience and enabled our clients with an easy to use product set.