Digital Services

Design – User Interface, User Experience, Customer Experience .

A business that stops innovating will lose its place to someone else… primarily because the interaction with customer at every point has changed and have moved away from a feel-good mode. Executing a Customer Experience based strategy is a challenge as it’s a continuous journey and an evolution based on the behavior.

At Intellectyx, we take the time to understand relationship with an organization, service, product or brand, over time and across channels and provide that interpretation of the story from a user / persona perspective as a visual representation. This journey or story emphasizes the important interactions between customer expectation and business requirements and also aid in identifying new opportunities.

This customer centric focused design allows us to not only come with a journey but allows us to design a user interface that gives a more positive outcome. Some to mention are as listed below
  • Smart System Management using IOT/IOP with interconnected devices.
  • Employee Engagement platform powered by AI, machine learning and predictive analytics
  • Real time Operational Analytics across warehouse all over the world.
  • Financial Risk, Compliance, Operational Analysis and a 360-degree view of the customer.
Intellectyx customer experience team has enabled our clients a high degree of digital maturity.