Diagnostic Analytics

Data Services

Reason for a phenomenon .

It is an advance form of analytics that determines “Why did it happen”? It is basically a type of analytics that gets into the root cause analysis and data detection and investigation. It focuses on determining the factors and events that contributed to the outcome. In order to find out the root cause of the problem the analysts perform some basic techniques including drill-down, data discovery, data mining and correlations.

It starts at the beginning of descriptive analysis and extends to predictive analysis. Using this data we can easily develop predictive models and hence create a productive solution. Usually, the outcome of this analytics is a dashboard. Examples of diagnostic analysis include attribute importance, sensitivity analysis, principle component analysis and conjoint analysis.

Activities involved .

We at Intellectyx believe in finding a concrete solution for better future outcomes, hence we perform diagnostic analytics so that we can learn from the past and work towards making a consistent and competitive future.

  • Offer this backward looking approach to review past trends and patterns
  • Design cases to determine why something happened
  • Focus significantly on causal relationships and sequences
  • Define relative ranking of dimensions/variable based on concluded explanations
  • Compare dependent variables with independent variables to understand relationship between various data forms
  • Detect and diagnose patterns
  • Perform model training and testing
If you want a thorough analysis of your data and need a concrete solution for better and futuristic business decisions, Intellectyx data scientists are here to help you. We have one of the best talent pools in the industry that never compromises on quality and believes in perfection.