DKAN and Open data

DKAN and Open data

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DKAN and Open data .

DKAN is a Drupal-based community-driven, open-source data management platform providing a full suite of cataloging, publishing and visualization features.

We make data come into life and believe in its power that spans all departments. We use DKAN to help businesses, non-profit organizations and government sectors across the world to jumpstart their Open efforts, we make it an implementable solution with open data mandates. By harnessing the power of open data, organizations can demonstrate accomplishments, educate the public, and empower people to improve their communities. @ Intellectyx, we have developers of DKAN, unleashing efficiency and continually improving the platform according to the needs of the community with the most up to date technology while providing outstanding services to our clients.

Our DKAN Services Includes:
  • Complete data implementation from initial to completion phase
  • On-demand modifications and customization of features
  • Consistently support consulting, development and data utilization
  • Support through training for technical /program staffs, upgrades, helpdesk services and more
  • Data stories and previews
  • SaaS hosted versions of DKAN with enterprise support, uptime SLAs and federal-level security compliance
Who is DKAN for?

DKAN delivers incredible value to two sets of community i.e., publishers and users. In general, publishers are the city, state or local government agencies interested to share information about environment, healthcare, education, transportation and more. Also, there are few Non-profits, NGOs or universities interested in opening up their data. Users are the general public, citizens, students, journalists or researchers who wish to access public data and make use of it.

DKAN Features .

Our DKAN solution provides comprehensive public-facing engagement and administrative site management tools



Custom specific fields, robust and standards-compliant metadata options



Available in many formats from csv to pdf to GeoJSON and many more



Multi-faceted data previews such as table, chart and map form



Done with title, descriptions, metadata, tags, publisher and custom options


Data stories

To make data more accessible, discover and create compelling narratives



Facilitating to manage permissions and organize data by publisher



To make sure the platform works for users anywhere in the world



Aims at supporting data curation process


Harvest data

To provide a seamless experience between locally and remotely hosted files

We provide customization, development and/or support services for DKAN, find out how our open data platform expertise accelerates your business