Employees and customers of FinTech organizations stand to reap a lot of benefits when the best form of technologies, as custom solutions, is applied. The management of these organizations is also empowered to run and monitor the different aspect of operational activities. Our custom software solutions empower financial organizations to achieve maximum productivity. Intellectyx custom software solutions are applicable at different scales. We also scale up solutions as necessary to accommodate the increasing needs of organizations. Blockchain technology and cloud technology are some of the latest technologies we apply in developing custom solutions for financial organizations.

Features of our products are tailored to profer critical solution in the FinTech industry. Our software solutions for financial organizations include:

Blockchain technology: We apply blockchain technology in empowering financial organizations to run all operations smoothly. We apply blockchain technology in different scales and processes from identity management to the creation of a smart contract. We also deliver advanced applications of Blockchain technology for cryptocurrency operations as well as support for ICO launches

Digital wallets: Digital wallets are some of the tools currently driving the FInTech sector. We develop the most efficient digital wallets that enable customers of financial organizations to make payments on the go. The digital wallets we offer include those that affect P2P payments as well as digital money transfer. With digital wallet solutions, we empower financial organizations to empower their customers financially providing access to funds on the go.

Securities and trading: Intellectyx tools for financial organizations also include securities and trading platforms where mobile securities transactions are carried out. According to the needs of your organization, we apply technologies such as AI and blockchain in automating transactions as well as providing digital brokerage and support.

Cross-border payment: Intellectyx develops high-quality solutions for sending funds globally in multiple currencies. These solutions power smooth transactions with fast processing and accurate reporting of activities. Third-part API is also smoothly integrated into our cross-border payment solution.

Payment processing: We develop efficient payment processing platforms that allow payments by merchants as well as issuers. Our services, in this regard, also include payment processing support. API interface integration is also effected to ensure the most efficient form of payment processing.

Lending: The application of blockchain also includes the creation of lending platforms. These platforms include P2P and SME lending platforms, which can be maximized for scaling business activities.

Overall, we provide the best solutions for automating processes in financial organizations, as well as ensuring the most minimal costs of running these organizations.