The healthcare industry of the 21st century is driven by technology. Intellectyx designs tools that drive innovation and productivity in the healthcare sector. Our custom tools for the healthcare industry range from those that ensure a streamlined workflow to those that are aimed at improving the quality of patient care. With our branded apps, healthcare organizations can manage asset as well as big data. We design tools that can be tailored to the needs of the different categories of organizations within the healthcare sector.

All software solutions designed by Intellectyx serve strategic purposes, which include employee engagement, patient engagement, and administrative as well as analytical purposes.

Employee engagement: It is essential for organizations within the healthcare sector to function as teams, powered for the efficiency of the best forms of technology. The ER of hospitals especially benefit from software solutions developed by Intellectyx. Our branded solutions are designed to improve workflow and drive attending to the patient according to an order of priority. Activities of the different categories of healthcare staff can also be efficiently coordinated with our software solutions which allow mobile scheduling of appointments and real-time notifications. Command centers where proper coordination of everyday activities can be achieved can also be created with our custom tools.

Patient engagement: Mobile applications and other solutions we develop are aimed at achieving the 21st-century patient-centered approach of the healthcare industry. Access to healthcare service providers is enhanced with features such as mobile scheduling of appointments. With reminders effected from mobile platforms, fewer appointments will be missed by patients. Location features embedded into mobile applications enhance the ease of patient and visitors getting around within hospitals.

Analytics and administration: Administrative activities within healthcare organizations can particularly become a drag if the necessary tools are not in place. These tools include software solutions designed, applying some of the best forms of technology. The application of the Internet of Things within organizations automates everyday processes.

Software solutions for analytics and administration are aimed for functions such as content creation and statistical analysis for patients and employees. Custom software solutions enable healthcare organizations to gain insights from the large volume of data collected routinely. Intellectyx comprehensive mobile suites are some of the most effective tools that can be applied in the healthcare industry. Location analytics features of custom solutions for healthcare organizations improve the efficiency of routine processes. We also integrate third-party solutions into custom solutions developed for healthcare organizations to achieve maximum productivity.