The insurance industry is particularly customer-centered. Custom software solutions enable insurance organizations to provide the best quality of service. Branded software solutions for the insurance industry enables organizations to design products and services tailored to customer satisfaction. Intellectyx empowers insurance organizations with tools for analytics purposes providing insight into the best ways to appeal to clients of the different demographics. Actionable insights gotten from our mobile platform enable insurance organizations also to identify new sales opportunities.

Our software solutions are designed to serve definite purposes within the healthcare industry. The core focus areas of our software solutions for the insurance industry include the following.

Maximum productivity: Our software solutions empower insurance organizations to work smarter and meet the needs of customers in the most appropriate manner. The features of our custom solutions include omnichannel CRMs that allow insurance agents to attend to the needs of the customer and break into new markets irrespective of their location. To ensure the integration of activities of members of different teams within an insurance organization, our software solutions are designed with intuitive interfaces where enable efficient delegation of tasks, and the proper monitoring of these tasks can be achieved. The intuitive dashboards of our custom software solutions particularly encourage efficient interactions with clients providing the best form of customer service.

Improved customer interaction: Maintain all interactions with clients in the most efficient way with our custom mobile applications. With a custom mobile application, you can send real-time news and notifications to clients as necessary. The push notification feature of our custom mobile applications is aimed at putting the client first notifying them of offers and opportunities as they become available.

The automated reminder feature of Intellectyx mobile applications serves as an extra feature for ensuring that clients are notified of routine payments. Insurance organizations are also empowered to target communications with policyholders based on their location.

Policyholders’ interaction: With branded mobile applications, insurance companies are empowered to provide policyholders with the best quality of service. Our custom mobile applications empower policyholders to carry out critical activities in real-time. These activities include reporting incidences. Policyholders also have access to real-time communications with Intellectyx software solutions. Alert analytics and emergency SOS are some of the features of our custom solutions focused at empowering policyholders.