Data Services


Our IoT team is made up of skilled and experienced professionals who apply their expertise in the development of IoT solutions that are applied across different sectors. IoT solutions are some of the strategic solutions for automating business operations. In our IoT lab, custom solutions that fit the needs of businesses are developed. The development of custom IoT solutions to serve the needs of businesses includes developing the architecture of the software as well as building the architecture of supporting framework such as the cloud. Our IoT team applies expertise in related tools and process in developing the most efficient tools for organizations. Our IoT solutions serve as enterprise solutions across industries.

Intellectyx IoT services include industrial IoT as well as Android firmware and hardware design. In our IoT lab, projects on IoT software as well as hardware are carried out.

IoT hardware: In developing the hardware component of IoT, we create a comprehensive system with a variety of sensors as applicable to business needs. These sensors are powered by different forms of gateways, protocols, and devices that allow their seamless integration. We create IoT hardware in varying scales as per business needs. Intellectyx IoT hardware is also scalable.

IoT software: IoT software powers IoT hardware allowing the integrating of data from different IoT sensors. We build reliable software to support your IoT hardware ecosystem. Software developed by Intellectyx could be accessed in the form of a mobile app, a dashboard, or any other form of a custom solution that powers the analysis of data gotten from the hardware of IoT. Apart from IoT software and hardware, our services include prototyping and manufacturing. We provide these services to serve the extended needs of clients as the case may be. For manufacturing, we fulfill the service in partnership with manufacturing firms.

Why you should trust our IoT services

Customer satisfaction: We empower our clients with the best tools to meet business needs

Team of experts: Our team is made up of skilled personnel who apply their expertise in languages, tools, and programs for the development of IoT hardware, software, and prototype. We are also the tested and trusted developer of IoT solutions for organizations in different sectors. Our custom solutions are designed to operate with minimal software. Out IoT team also provides the necessary support to ensure that IoT products and service are delivered without a hitch.

Intellectyx IoT team offers IoT solutions as standalone or comprehensive services, as suited to the needs of the organization.

Intellectyx can bring IOT/IOP best practices, delivery methodologies, tools, standards, processes and experience to leverage a variety of connected devices that you may have.