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Musicians & Bands

Proper fan engagement is the major ingredient for success as a musician. Bands also need to engage their fans appropriately to build their brand. Technology, especially the latest forms of technologies power fan engagement enabling musicians and bans to interact with fans appropriately, build their brand, and monetize their fanbase.

Intellectyx develops custom software solutions for musicians and bands to build their brand. These solutions which are tailored to specific needs expressed achieve purposes which culminate as a stronger brand for the band or musician.

Custom software solutions of Intellectyx serve a purpose which includes

Community interaction: Fans are a community of persons with a common love of certain personalities. This community can be built with the help of dedicated tools developed by Intellectyx. Community interactions are enhanced by exclusive interactions between its members. Software solutions developed by Intellectyx for this purpose are designed for interactive activities such as Q&A sessions. Community activities that can be based on Intellectyx custom software solutions also include chatrooms where certain conversations can be stimulated to enhance the quality of the community. These software solutions which could include mobile applications could also be designed for live streaming to build the community of fans. Tour dates and maps can also be released exclusively to members of the community on these platforms.

Enhanced fan engagement: Features of custom software solutions developed by Intellectyx are aimed at the highest level of fan engagement. With push notifications, for example, fans can receive exclusive offers. These custom software solutions, such as mobile applications can also serve as tools for sharing exclusive real-time news to fans. Fan engagement can also be enhanced with custom mobile applications when contests are organized based on the level of fan engagement and prizes awarded to fans with high levels of engagements. Geolocation features of these mobile applications also encourage enhanced fan engagement.

Monetization of fanbase: Dedicated software solutions developed by Intellectyx allow musicians and bands to monetize their fanbase appropriately. This is achievable through the analytics of data gotten from mobile applications. Insights from data analytics can be applied, for example, in planning for tours. The incorporation of a store into custom software solutions is also bound to improve sales of merchandise as well as streaming of music on integrated platforms. Intellectyx can also develop software solutions for musicians and bands that allow subscriptions to be made.

Tools developed by Intellectyx are dependable and secured, able to perform the highlighted functions and much more, as per the need of the client.