Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation

Sometimes it’s easy to explain a term with what it is NOT. Especially often words like Digital Transformation that has been thrown across everywhere by everyone.

So, what is it then? .

Digital transformation at the core of its process is very centric to Customer. It’s relates to that unique Customer Experience where we have an opportunity to the transform the lives of that customer by enhancing the quality and experience of those touchpoints or interactions with the services or products offered. In digital transformation, the most critical factor is and should be the customer. Understanding who this customer is, what’s their need and how a product or service may help satisfy those need is all very important. What’s more important is that those interactions are elevated and at the same time user intuitive using the best possible technology available.

Just like anything else to go somewhere we need to understand the beginning, or where we are currently. That’s where our digital transformation process begins – starts with an understanding of the current state of the customer journey using secondary research, primary stakeholder discussions, interviews with no other than the customer itself etc., All this to understand the current state of the journey and the various stages involved, and its emotional states connected behind these stages. These efforts allow us to understand the emotional-graph of the journey from a customer perspective and see the associated pain points. These pain points are the opportunities that we could transform using a combination of people, process and technology. This newer state that is enhanced with a fulfilling and satisfying emotional state is what we strive for and what should be the desired outcome

– Future state of the journey.
We at Intellectyx take pride in doing everything possible to get this future state
– if that means that we have to travel to do the most horrifying location, yeah, we will do that.
OK … that’s little bit too dramatic, hope you get the point. LOL!