Team Extension

Team Extension


Team Extension

The quality of the team behind the operations of an organization determines, to a large extent, the productivity of the organization. There is a process for developing and maintaining an excellent software development team. The Intellectyx team development services apply proven methods in finding software development talents for organizations in different sectors and at different scales.

Why would you need Intellectyx team extension service?

Inefficient software development team: If your software development team is not delivering as expected or the team always seems unmotivated, you would need our team development service

High attrition rate: If your software development team is experiencing a high attrition rate during to natural or manmade factors, you need the expert Intellectyx team extension service.

Lack of local talent: If your organization is finding it difficult to get local talent, then you need our expert team extension service. We will find you the right talents and assemble a team, according to the expressed need.

Why should you trust us?

Our team extension team is made up of experts with skills and experience in areas that range from talent hunting to developing highly motivated teams and providing the support these teams need to function in a sustainable and independent manner.

The team extension service of Intellectyx is scalable with our services tailored to large, medium, and small-scale needs. As your organization grows, our service also includes that the software development team also grows appropriately.

Overall, we apply trusted and tested methods for minimizing attrition rate. The attrition rate our methods are poised to achieve is some of the best achievable with software development teams.

The Intellectyx team extension service process: According to the need expressed by the client, we begin the team extension process by understanding and examining the needs of the client.

We evaluate existing systems to determine and develop the most appropriate strategy. The strategy designed could involve scaling up or scaling down the software development team. The strategy is then applied, and the needed support for the sustainability of the team is provided.

We understand that it may take some time for the team to achieve a maximal synergy that is sustainable. Thus, established methods to ensure synergy and cultivate loyalty are applied. We also provide training on the necessary aspects of the team’s operations. These aspects include managing payroll and establishing training opportunities.

Every organization deserves a highly productive software development team. We make that happen at Intellectyx.

Reach out to us today to discuss that need that limits your organization.