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Backbone Js

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What is BackboneJS?.

BackboneJS is a lightweight JavaScript library that allows to develop and structure client-side applications that run in a web browser. Aids to develop single page web application. It offers MVC framework which abstracts data into models, Document Object Model into views and bind these two using events.

Maintained by License Type Popular Examples Support Updates Developer Skills
Backbone.js Development team. MIT License AirBNB Supported for two years beyond the major version release RESTful JSON interface and is based on the Model–view–presenter (MVP),
there will not be major update frequently.
Often Compared to Testing Accessibility Maintained by Repository
angluar js, Vue js Mocha, Chai Built with an Automated A11y test infrastructure Backbone.js Development team

  • Easy to handle by syncing with the back-end, an out-of-the-box framework, backed with excellent Restful APIs
  • Quick & Effortless application development
  • Multiple building blocks like models, views, events, routers and collections for assembling client-side web applications
  • A free and open source library containing over 100 available extensions
  • Makes the code simple, systematic and organized. It acts like a backbone for any project