Foundation ZURB

Foundation ZURB

Advanced Front-end Frameworks

What is Foundation ZURB?.

Foundation is one of the advanced front-end frameworks used for designing beautiful responsive websites. It works on all types of devices and provides HTML, CSS and JavaScript plugin.

Maintained by License Type Popular Examples Support Updates Developer Skills
ZURB MIT iStock Photo Since version 3.0, the configuration of Foundation also has a special “Customize” option in the documentation.
support on yearly basis
Bootstrap 4, WordPress
Often Compared to Testing Accessibility Maintained by Repository
Helio Katalon studio ,Selenium ARIA-enabled components, developer guides, and built-in a11y test infrastructure. ZURB

  • Let’s you customize the website without making it look similar to other websites that have used Foundation
  • Base CSS appearances are built in and there won’t be much CSS bloat in the HTML
  • Flexible grids and Centered Columns
  • Adding a ‘collapse’ class allows you to easily collapse columns and remove gutters
  • A block sized grid will allow you to create equal sized columns with minimal markup
  • It may take some time for beginners to learn and use Foundation.
  • Lack of wider support like QA sites and forums for fixing issue.
  • Not much support for QA sites and troubleshooting