Mobile Apps Development

What is Ionic?.

Ionic is an open source, cross-platform framework used to develop hybrid mobile applications. Ionic mobile app development framework is based on the HTML5 programming language. The HTML5 framework works with the help of Cordova or PhoneGap. Hence, Ionic requires support of both Cordova or PhoneGap. Ionic is also a front-end SDK supports in building cross-platform mobile apps. Built on top of Angular, Ionic also provides a platform for integrating services like push notifications and analytics.

Maintained by License Type Popular Examples Support Updates Developer Skills
ionic community MIT License ionicframework.com/support
Often Compared to Testing Accessibility Maintained by Repository
reactnative, xamarin ionic community. github.com/ionic-team/ionic

  • One source for all the supporting platforms (mainly Android and OSX).
  • Able to use great frameworks like angular, which is embedded in ionic by default.
  • Familiarity with html, CSS and JavaScript helps to learn ionic very fast
  • Has performance gaps, where Native mobile application’s performance is better than ionic app.
  • Performances are not as good as native applications, it is not suited for high-end graphics dependent applications or games.