Phone gap

Phone gap

Open source application framework

What is Phone gap?.

PhoneGap is an Open source application framework enables to build natively installed applications using HTML and JavaScript to develop applications for mobile devices by using standard web technologies such as HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript instead of using device-specific languages such as Objective-C for iOS, Java for Android and C# for Windows phone devices.

Maintained by License Type Popular Examples Support Updates Developer Skills
Apache Apache 2.0 License‎ Paylution Stable release. HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
Often Compared to Testing Accessibility Maintained by Repository
ionic, react native PhoneGap Emulator Apache.

  • Strong knowledge on the basic languages like JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS3 is enough to efficiently run applications over various operating systems.
  • PhoneGap apps can be installed as easily as native applications, it enables you to leverage app store discoverability.
  • Follows a plug-in architecture, which indirectly means that access to the native device APIs can be extended in a modular way.
  • Doesn’t offer clear and descriptive information’s required for the development, leading to performance issues.
  • Performance issues may arise rarely if there are too many graphics or complex elements in the app’s architecture, causing the app to become non-responsive.
  • Unavailability of compatible UI widgets offers limited pre-built UI elements and, hence developers often have to rely on external resources.