UI JavaScript library

What is Sencha?.

Sencha a user interface (UI) JavaScript library/ framework built on HTML5 and CSS3, supports cross browser functionality. It simplifies developers work and enhance rich user interface facilitating quick and easy development of HTML5 based mobile apps which run on Android, iOS devices. With the comprehensive Sencha platform, building apps can be focused– not a framework.

Maintained by License Type Popular Examples Support Updates Developer Skills
Google GPLv3 or commercial Kindle Fire Browser Automatic minor�updates�to occur within the app ensuring for a incremental release�schedule�over the next year. HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript.
Often Compared to Testing Accessibility Maintained by Repository
Wavemaker,ionic Sencha Test Studio WCAG-2.0 Accessibility Testing. Google

  • Offers high level of responsiveness, easy navigation in using mobile applications.
  • Compatible with all the latest versions of iOS, Android to provide the best intended results across all platforms. With little bit of twist and turn in the programming it works really fine for different applications.
  • Excellent native -looking themes available for various mobile platforms, its adaptive layout, smooth scrolling features and fluid animations, help developers to easily create user-friendly designs.
  • Compatible with more than one platform, instead of only one native platform