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Travel & Hospitality

The travel and hospitality industry is client-driven. The success of an organization depends on its ability to cater to the needs of clients appropriately. Every organization in the travel and hospitality industry strive to serve the needs of clients in the most appealing way. Intellectyx software solutions empower an organization to provide seamless services to its clients.

Here are some specifics which our software solutions are tailored for in the travel and hospitality sector: a virtual tour of rooms and surroundings, introduction of staff, booking information and real-time news.

Our software solutions are tailored towards key areas that determine that indicate the quality of service rendered by organizations in the travel and hospitality industry. Intellectyx also develops software solutions for automating business operations.

Enhanced customer interaction: With Intellectyx custom software solutions, hotels, as well as casinos and other organizations in the travel and hospitality sector, can interact effectively with guests. This enhanced interaction is achievable through measures such as geofenced messaging and push notification on custom application.Guests of a resort can be informed of exciting opportunities and discounts available during their stay with custom apps. Payments for different services could also be made through these custom solutions during guests’ stay. Through social media and special offers, enhanced interactions with guests can also be achieved with Intellectyx custom software solutions.

Improved service quality: Intellectyx custom software solutions also guarantee the enhanced quality of service. The application of the Internet of things in the development of smart rooms is a way Intellectyx custom software solutions can be applied in the travel and hospitality sector. When guests at a hotel are able to book different services with an app, it indicates improved service quality. Comprehensive solutions for ensuring improved service quality can be designed by Intellectyx. These solutions integrate modern technologies that are bound to improve the turnover of the organization

Customer awareness: The success of organizations in the travel and hospitality sector is dependent on the ability to tailor services towards the need of customers. Insights on the needs of customers can be gotten from custom software solutions.Intellectyx software solutions serve as tools for gathering and analyzing data based on the activities and habits of guests.

Automated operations: Our software solutions are also aimed at the automation of business operations. These solutions allow smooth running and integration of activities across sections of the organization towards maximum productivity.

Intellectyx provides tools that drive the modern travel and hospitality industry.