Next generation BlockChain technology based P2P digital platform and a smart crypto-currency digital wallet

Next generation BlockChain technology based P2P digital platform and a smart crypto-currency digital wallet

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Our Customer is a fintech start-up who wants to develop a high-speed payment service and secure transaction systems building on second generation cryptocurrency technologies for a global private payment ecosystem. The main objective is to modernise industry payments, improve the customer experience, and drastically lower the costs for resort operators.


The cost of processing credit cards is about 2% to 3% of the sales plus varying fees. This poses all owners encounter issues such as delayed clearing of funds, merchant processing fees, fraud account withholdings, high transaction and commission fees, along with the excess cost of currency conversion. The customer wanted to develop a payment ecosystem with proven and tested technology, reduced payment transaction costs, simplified payment processes, and provides a high level of security for payment activity. The developed solution should support and accept payments from a wide range of services as well not limited to hotels, motels, travel destinations, aboard cruise ships, and even at gasoline service stations.

This payment process gets even further complicated when traveling abroad with exchange rates, understanding and adhering to complex banking regulations, high payment and integration costs, worldwide loss from fraud, international transfer fees, expensive currency conversions, and other risks. This process includes authorisation, authentication, capture, clearing, and settlement. Credit cards payment command high fees, require an extended settlement period, and the chances of chargebacks cutting into a one’s bottom line are excellent.

Unfortunately, there is no one integrated solution or platform currently available in the market to completely support the resort industry with convenient guest payments without the need to carry cash or credit cards. There is simply no replacement for cash and other conventional methods of payment.

That’s when Intellectyx was provided an opportunity to collaborate and provide a solution using BlockChain.

The World Economic Forum has predicted that as much as 10% of global GDP (around US$77 trillion) will be stored on the blockchain in the next ten years or less, meaning that total market cap of all blockchain crypto-currencies would be on the order of US$7.7 trillion.

Rob Clark., VP Digital


The main objective of a payment ecosystem is to use a decentralised network to enhance payments and financial settlement. The need for secure, rapid, private, and affordable payment transactions are global problems being addressed not only by legacy banking systems but also by many new approaches and technologies like bitcoin,Litecoin etc.

As part of the effort, Intellectyx team spent time on the discovery phase to analyse the entire ecosystem across different business and work environment. Intellectyx proposed and developed a BlockChain technology based P2P digital platform and a smart digital wallet mobile app with high speed payment services and secure transaction systems building on second generation cryptocurrency technologies. This shall enable any merchant selling goods or services to collect payments without any third party payment processors and incur any additional costs of credit card or the deficiencies of bank.

The platform was designed and developed to support and operate with vouchers for both Bitcoin and Litecoin and for any digital currencies. The wallet application can be downloaded by any customer and the application enables a free seamless mobile payment that secures voucher value and quickly transacts with any merchants. Customers can use the mobile wallet application to pay for goods, services, fees, and expenses. From paying for goods or services, poolside drinks to tipping the concierge, the mobile wallet is handling the payments. Current features include built-in chat client, built-in escrow-enabled exchange, and in-wallet market places, among other features. Also payments can be exchanged between any two parties with just the wallet mobile application. The digital wallet powered by BlockChain technology replaces cash, credit cards, vouchers, checks, and gift cards and provides an instant transactions across globally without any expensive currency conversions, fees and chargebacks and eliminates the total possibility of fraud or altering data.


The platform radically lowered costs, and neither had to provide credit cards, use ATM nor carry cash. The consumers also avoid paying any ATM fees and exchange rates. The system is so secure that only the consumer can access and no one else.

Participants in the ecosystem, reduces or eliminates third-party payment risk and allows guests to remain in total control of their deposited funds. Now the customer was able to

  • Facilitates convenient, cost-effective payments in any ecosystem.
  • Users can easily transfer across any border or global region without currency conversion delivering a single uniform method of fast transaction settlement
  • Personal or financial information is neither exposed nor compromised.
  • The payments are immediate and secure with 100% protections against fraud and with no ability to reverse any transactions.
  • Removes the costs associated with exchange rate risks, counter-party risks, & financial system bureaucracy
  • Financial safety in a decentralized architecture extensively backed up
  • Lower cost and no required trusted third-party control over the network