The Intellectyx Difference

Plug n Play Model

Intellectyx utilizes a pool of highly specialized IT talent that can be “plug n played” into your project. This means that projects can be ramped up quickly and easily and, since only the necessary resources are used, this helps to lower cost. This allows Intellectyx to be cost effective without compromising quality.

Completely Customizable Solutions

Businesses today are facing a myriad of potential challenges. Rather than offering an off the shelf /one size fits all approach, Intellectyx analyzes your situation and proposes a completely customized solution designed for your specific needs.

Adaptable and Extensible

Intellectyx takes the long-term view to ensure that your solution is adaptable and extensible. Designed to scale up development of new requirements, and expand and enhance the system with new capabilities without considerable change and in the shortest duration possible – allowing you to be a market leader, not a follower.

Code Sharing Ethos

Intellectyx is software agnostic – working with all flavors of open source and proprietary software. We believe that you should have access to the source code – allowing you to maintain control over future projects.

Juxtaposition of IT and Business

Intellectyx not only has deep technical expertise, using the best of breed in technologies, but also understands business processes and cycles. This provides the best of both worlds to take your business to the next level while supporting all your technological needs.