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Change is inevitable. We constantly have changes in the technology we leverage, we have changes in the business landscape, we have changes in the customer behavior and their interactions in those changing technology, business landscape.

This is the constant challenge all businesses are facing to create better interactive experiences every opportunity they get. We see digital transformation as a process or an evolution to rapidly transform various business activities and processes with an aim to completely leverage the changes and opportunities of digital technologies while focusing on present and future changes.

Web & Mobile Application Development

We give businesses a variety of resources they need to meet the demands of contemporary clients through our services. Our app development team is dedicated to assisting businesses in developing and implementing the best strategies.

  • Enhanced portability of their goods and services to guarantee client pleasure.
  • Deliver more value to modern customers and clients of enterprises.
  • Meet specific goals such as increased mobility and better big data management.
  • Technologies applied by Intellectyx mobile development team include: Blockchain technology, Fintech, Augmented reality, Artificial intelligence and the internet of things.
  • The app development capabilities include: Android app development, Hybrid app development, iOS app development and native app development.
web and mobile app development
UI and UX Design Services

UI/UX Design

The quality of happiness your product's users will experience is greatly influenced by the UI/UX design of your digital products. Our UI/UX design team develops goods with a fluid procedure and some of the best and relevant designs.

  • Use of cutting-edge tools and technology along with a creative and strategic strategy to create products that have excellent user experiences.
  • Team skills include: designing an AR experience, cross-platform interactions, mobile application services for UX and UI design and consulting for UI and UX.
  • The client's needs serve as the motivation for our UI/UX design team's work.
  • Get superior quality custom design solutions to attain high standards of excellence.

Product Engineering

Productivity of a business will inevitably suffer without the use of the best business process tools and apps. Our product engineering services are made to help businesses in a variety of industries develop the most effective software and applications.

  • Product engineering services based on extensive expertise in corporate software development and API integration.
  • Use of techniques and technologies accepted throughout the industry.
  • Expertise in combining app portfolios and updating legacy platforms.
  • Services delivered through the use of a combination of cutting-edge equipment, technology, and expertise.
Product Engineering Service
Quality engineering services

Quality Engineering

Performance and quality work together to construct the framework of enterprise-grade software systems. We help you in digitizing your business in the most strategic, economical, and scalable way possible.

  • Lower defects in operations and get support to implement efficient organization-wide processes.
  • Get superior quality control with ability to identify, visualize and lower risks within supply chain.
  • First-hand experience developing and testing software platforms that go above and beyond to make sure your software product is flawless from the beginning until release.

Managed Services

Our expert IT Management solutions and services help you keep your IT infrastructure scalable and stable. We provide flexible SLAs for the managed IT services for your business need.

  • Get access to predictable and scalable expenses..
  • Minimize large capital expenditure, reduce IT costs, and save on consulting, licensing, training and emergency repair.
  • Get 24/7/365 support to ensure productivity of your team.
  • Quick access to experience and expertise with access to most modern technology and tools to ensure smooth operations.
  • Meet compliance rules related to privacy, financial services, retail establishments, security and reporting.
  • Minimize risks related to credit card usage, client data, or any information leakage to ensure and maintain security standards.
IT Managed services
Team extension

Team Extension

Building and maintaining a top-notch software development team involves a process. The Intellectyx team development services use tried-and-true techniques to identify software development talent for businesses of all sizes and in a variety of industries.

  • Hire professionals with knowledge and expertise in a variety of fields, including recruiting top talent, and creating highly motivated teams.
  • Get scalable services for large, medium, and small-scale requirements.
  • We ensure that the software development team expands adequately as your business grows.
  • Use of tried-and-true techniques helps reduce attrition rate. Our methods are poised to produce the lowest attrition rate that software development teams can hope to achieve.
  • Identification and creation of the best plan after assessing the current systems.
  • Use of tried-and-true techniques for encouraging loyalty and ensuring synergy.
  • Creating training opportunities and handling payroll.

Innovation & Strategy

At Intellectyx, we firmly believe that the successful application of technology as a tool depends on selecting the appropriate technology for the job (use case), which is primarily determined by the strategy's tactical execution.

  • Transformation of businesses as part of digital strategy after careful analysis of all processes, the state of the customer experience now and in the future, determining the current mix of assets, taking a full inventory of the organization's assets, and considering the relevant business model.
  • Development of a robotic, "smart," approach that enables a seamless transition from a DevOps to a NoOps environment.
  • Comprehensive digitization of the help desk system to help with prioritization and productivity with the appropriate use of humans and machines.
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