One Company - One Team - Intellectyx

We hate the word “resource” in Human Resources. People to us are not simply resources. They are neither numbers in financials nor just a part of our execution. They mean everything to us. All our employees are people, our customers are people, our vendors are people. For us if we don’t understand first our people, we don’t understand our customers, vendors, and other stakeholders and therefore we don’t understand the business we are in. Our success and journey relies 100% on our people. We as Intellectyx, as a company, don’t create value, its our people who does.
That’s why here at Intellectyx, we care to share what our beliefs and values so we can collaborate and work with a group of people who share similar values and beliefs. We may not be good as individuals but very strong as a one team and we believe in amplifying our strengths to make a big difference in everything that we do.

So, what do we believe in? We as a group of people believe in empowering our customers by solving their problems.

How do we do that?

Working smart vs. hard
We try to align our self in first understanding the problem set from all dimensions and then aligning our efforts towards the tasks that brings us the biggest sustainable impact.
Its ok to say, “I don’t know”
We believe that no one knows all technologies, all things but what makes a difference is by admitting our skill gaps as a first step and then more importantly putting an effort towards addressing those by continuous learnings.
Do what you say and say what you do
Our actions should always align with what we believe and what we do. If not, it’s just a waste of time for one self and others too. So, our actions have integrity in everything we do starting from design, coding and testing and delivery.
Have fun
We don’t compartmentalize work and personal as separate and we see as our lives in a wholeness. This means we strive for having fun in every aspect of what we do, not just have fun outside work. Else, it’s not worth it!
If you are interested in being part of this evolution, feel free to reach us
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