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Change is inevitable. We constantly have changes in the technology we leverage, we have changes in the business landscape, we have changes in the customer behavior and their interactions in those changing technology, business landscape. This is the constant challenge all businesses are facing to create better interactive experiences every opportunity they get. We see digital transformation as a process or an evolution to rapidly transform various business activities and processes with an aim to completely leverage the changes and opportunities of digital technologies while focusing on present and future changes.

We at Intellectyx take a 360-degree view of this evolution across business landscape, technology and changes in consumer demands, behavior and provide both strategic and tactical way to enable digital transformation and connectivity within any industry use cases.

Our offerings in digital domain includes


At Intellectyx, we strongly believe technology as a tool and success is primarily dictated by the use of right technology, and for what purpose (use case) – which is all primarily driven by the strategy to tactical execution. In order to make any enterprise digitally mature, success completely relies on the digital strategy – the scope and objective that aligns with a business goal. Focusing on individual technology or the next latest trend doesn’t necessarily result in any transformation. As part of digital strategy, we focus on transforming the businesses by carefully analyzing all processes, current and future state of the customer experience, identifying current mix of assets, complete inventory of organization’s assets and related business model. This helps us to understand the strengths and weaknesses of the approaches followed by the businesses and identify the long-term habits that need to change for transforming business.

Some of the use cases currently involved are
  • Digital Mobile Strategy aided with Geolocation for a contingent workforce business solution
  • An automated “smart” strategy that enabled DevOps to NoOps environment without any human intervention.
  • Comprehensive help desk system digitization to aid in prioritization, productivity with the right use of humans and machines (AI)
Digital strategy drives digital maturity and are considerably risk averse.

Design – User Interface, User Experience, Customer Experience .

A business that stops innovating will lose its place to someone else… primarily because the interaction with customer at every point has changed and have moved away from a feel-good mode. Executing a Customer Experience based strategy is a challenge as it’s a continuous journey and an evolution based on the behavior.

At Intellectyx, we take the time to understand relationship with an organization, service, product or brand, over time and across channels and provide that interpretation of the story from a user / persona perspective as a visual representation. This journey or story emphasizes the important interactions between customer expectation and business requirements and also aid in identifying new opportunities.

This customer centric focused design allows us to not only come with a journey but allows us to design a user interface that gives a more positive outcome. Some to mention are as listed below
  • Smart System Management using IOT/IOP with interconnected devices.
  • Employee Engagement platform powered by AI, machine learning and predictive analytics
  • Real time Operational Analytics across warehouse all over the world.
  • Financial Risk, Compliance, Operational Analysis and a 360-degree view of the customer.
Intellectyx customer experience team has enabled our clients a high degree of digital maturity.

Technology - Engineering / Application Development .

Either its DevOps moving into NoOps or machine learning taking on vertical use cases, or having real conversation with machines or leveraging BlockChain technology for security, reliability, efficiency – it all comes down how an enterprise application is engineered and developed, what mix of technologies are used and the level of standards, consistency maintained.

At Intellectyx, we make sure our engineers are trained well first in the technologies they work before being deployed and have done prior work in the industry specific use case as much as possible. A high level of standard is maintained across all levels of deliveries to aid in creating a performance oriented software platform. All our efforts are managed via agile models – Scrum / Kanban and delivery status is made available to client users with full transparency using cloud based project management tools.

Below are various use cases where we have enabled our clients with enterprise level application software’s
  • Real Time Personalization and Product Recommendation
  • Fraud Detection and Prevention, Risk Assessment, Credit / Market Risk Evaluation
  • Customer Loyalty and Retention, Customer Segmentation Targeting - Personalized Product
  • Logistics & Supply Chain Performance, Loss Prevention & Cross Selling Opportunities
  • Loss Prevention & Cross Selling Opportunities
  • Human resources management Operational Risk monitoring Plant Operations and Production Service and Aftermarket Analytics Supply Chain Analytics
  • Cash Flow Modeling and Forecasting, End-to-end Market / Equity Research & Opportunity Identification
  • Cross-sell / Up-sell Strategy 360 Degree Real-time Customer Intelligence
  • Investment Advisor Scoring Market Risk Management and Client Reporting.
  • Spending & Financial Analytics Supplier Forecasting In-memory Analytics Demand and Production
  • Forecasting Pricing Strategies Preventive and Condition based
  • Maintenance of Application, Product Quality and Defects Tracking

Mobility .

With the rise of BYOD, and a combination of AI, Cloud, Location based enterprise application, and IOT/IOP, Mobility is one among the most imperative pillars of any digital transformation project. Combining this with Augmented Reality will revolutionize various use cases around gaming, digital marketing, customer engagement, and personalization to engage with consumers at a new level than ever before.

Intellectyx enterprise mobility services expands across multiple kind of devices, various types of data, and are cloud enabled working on number of platforms. We build all kinds of apps be it native, web or hybrid and support for all mobile application architectures, libraries and UI frameworks.

Below are some of the mobile applications we have created with our clients
  • Tourism based Mobile Engagement App
  • Contingent Workforce Mobile application supporting gig economy, contingent jobs and temp job placements
  • Real Time Dashboard on Investments and Stock Portfolio
  • K-12 education related mobile applications
  • Project Management Web and Mobile Application
  • Gaming related applications enhanced and integrated with Augmented Reality
  • Wearable Emergency Alert Mobile Application with Health Alerts.
  • BLE-based Machine-to-Vehicle Innovation Mobile application
  • Fully Integrated E-Commerce based Mobile Application
  • IOT Sensory Application to detect failures, downtimes and alert before they occur
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