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Integrate, transform, create a data model and visualize customer data as it is collected.

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While BI uses past and current data to track the present performance of the firm and drive its progress, BA makes use of historical data to predict future strategies and decisions.

Advanced Data Analytics

BI gets you information about the appearance of your present consumers, while the behaviors of your potential customers is obtained through BI. Our experts help you integrate, transform, create a data model and visualize customer data as it is collected.

  • Put the data to use practically and ultimately maximize revenues and improve your efficiency while handling a variety of data kinds, such as those pertaining to your website and online presence.
  • Get access to faster analysis, clear dashboards, analyze data using user queries, drag-and-drop reports.
  • BI gives a complete picture of your business and compare your performance to that of the entire company.
  • Accurate data drives you to take better, well-informed business decisions along with quick reporting capabilities.
  • Business intelligence can also impact customer pleasure and experience.
Data Analytics Services
Business intelligence services

Business Intelligence

Business intelligence (BI) refers to the technologies and techniques used to examine and report on various business processes. We can help you integrate data, transform it into insightful information and visualize it in real business scenario.

  • Create models to analyze behaviors and identify adequate procedures for data analytics and data collection.
  • Quicker analysis, clear dashboards.
  • Enhanced organizational efficiency.
  • Data-driven business decisions.
  • Increased client satisfaction.
  • Increased employee satisfaction.
  • Enhanced competitive advantage due to quick, easy access to trusted and governed data.

Data Visualization & Reporting

Data visualization refers to the shape of the information created in a graph that represents the actual data with contextual information (metadata), making it easier for users to process and evaluate the data.

  • Create dashboards, graphs, and tools basis on information in order to resolve their complex problems.
  • Businesses can make far better judgments due to better data insights and data-driven competitive intelligence.
  • The knowledge about product and service-related data such as customer information, product logs, product reviews, competition information, market analysis information, and technology analysis can be used to improve goods and services.
  • Operational and transactional data gathered from routine business operations help in enhancing the efficiency and cost awareness of the organization.
  • Data-enabled tools can also be used to assess whether business decisions based on data were successful or unsuccessful.
Data Visualisation Services
Machine learning

Machine Learning & Deep Learning

ML has many capabilities including pattern recognition, data access, and behaviour interpretation. It offers customer support tools created to mimic actual people in answering specific questions from customers. [MOU3] While Deep learning (DL) algorithms gradually learn from complex layers of information, ML algorithms directly notice data patterns and establish connections. Our Intellectyx experts can:

  • Investigate and modify data science prototypes.
  • Create systems for machine learning.
  • Find the best ML tools and algorithms, then use them.
  • Create machine learning applications in accordance with specifications.
  • Choose the best datasets and data representation techniques.
  • Run tests and experiments with machine learning.
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