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Whether you represent a housing agency, are a forward-thinking developer, a savvy investor, or an individual actively seeking affordable housing options, our portal is your gateway to empowerment. Seamlessly providing you with the insights required to drive tangible change and make impactful decisions, we invite you to join us in shaping the future of affordable housing.

Property Listing & Search Portal

A seamless portal to list properties and units, highlight their unique features and manage inquiries effortlessly. Refine your search based on location, budget, amenities, and more, all while accessing detailed property profiles and high-quality images at your fingertips. Finding your dream home has never been this straightforward.

  • List properties and manage listings.
  • Seamlessly create and manage listings and update availability.
  • List by type, size, amenities, photos, virtual tours, floor plans, etc.
  • Advanced Search Filters by location, budget, type, bedrooms and more.

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Application Tracking

Effortlessly manage application journey with our intuitive “Application Submission and Tracking” system. Submit applications, documents, and preferences while staying informed of the application’s progress in real-time. Address any queries by providing additional details as needed.

  • Streamlined “Application Management.
  • -account creation, submission to decision.
  • Application review by household, compliance & background checks
  • Customized Workflows for any specific program requirements.
  • Tailored Alerts for preferences, eligibility, and status updates.

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Lottery & Waitlist

Streamline the administration of high-demand applications and waitlists by ensuring fairness and transparency in the selection process. Applicants are randomly chosen, providing equal opportunities. Optimized waitlist management system to track and prioritize applicants in the order they join the waitlist.

  • Randomization Algorithm to ensure integrity and credibility.
  • Customizable Rules for unique requirements.
  • Prioritize waitlists based on application date or any specific criteria.
  • Automated notifications at every stage of the lottery and waitlist process.
  • Dynamic waitlist updates based on withdrawals or openings.
  • Administrative insights on application and waitlist data.

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Tenant Management

Simplify the complexities of tenant management by overseeing tenant profiles, leases, payments, and communication all in one place. From onboarding to ongoing support, our user-friendly platform streamlines processes, ensuring a seamless experience for both tenants and property managers. Stay organized, enhance tenant satisfaction, and optimize property management with ease.

  • Maintain tenant profiles with household.
  • Manage lease agreements and compliances.
  • Automated compliance validation and document requests.
  • Messaging Hub to facilitate communication on the portal.
  • Tenants to submit and track maintenance requests.

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Generate custom reports, visualize data trends, and assess key performance metrics in real-time. From financial analysis to tenant satisfaction surveys, our module provides the tools you need to extract meaningful insights, ensuring informed decisions for optimized property and program management.

  • Customized reports tailored to specific needs.
  • Present data in charts, graphs, and dashboards.
  • Pre-defined reports by properties, applications, occupancies, etc.
  • Export reports in PDF, Excel, or CSV, for easy sharing
  • Set up automated report generation and distribution.

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Streamlined Property Management
Streamlined Property Management
Comprehensive Property Database
Comprehensive Property Database
Application Review and Tracking
Application Review and Tracking
Automated Eligibility Checks
Automated Eligibility Checks
Application Workflow Customization
Application Workflow Customization
Data-Driven Insights
Data-Driven Insights
Lottery Management
Lottery Management
Waitlist Management
Waitlist Management

Smarter decisions and faster results.

Simplify application processes, provide transparency, and enable better access to affordable housing options, fostering a stronger and inclusive community.


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Lottery Process Enter as Tenant Agreement Signoff Upload Documents Search and Apply
Review Applications Tenant Signoff Run Lottery Create & Publish Property Signup
Review Applications Reporting and Analytics Manage Lottery & Waitinglist Review Property Details & Publish Review & Approve Landlord

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