The evolution of the construction industry is hinged on available technologies. Augmented reality is a technology that is bound to drive further evolution of the construction industry in recent times. Intellectyx develops solutions behind the application of augmented reality in construction.

How augmented reality is applied in the construction

Augmented reality allows engineers and architects to work with an enhanced 3D vision of projects. The application of augmented reality in construction allows organizations to plan and project based on a comprehensive view of the project.

The application of AR in construction thus includes reconstruction projects and hazard evaluations. AR solutions also enable construction professionals and organizations to evaluate the project as it is being built against the design of the project.

The specific ways Intellectyx AR solutions can be applied in constructed are highlighted below.

Validation of construction projects: As a construction project progresses, precise monitoring is essential for ensuring that adhere to the design. This high-precision monitoring is possible with AR solutions. AR solutions allow construction teams to carry out high-quality quality assurance by comparing the 4D BIM designs to the property as it is developed.

With Intellectyx software solutions detailed monitoring of every aspect of the project, as wouldn’t be available otherwise, is achievable. AR solutions also carry out precise clash detections notifying the construction team of doom real-time.

Hazard detection: Continuous monitoring of construction projects is critical to hazard prevention. AR solutions are applicable to the detection and prevention of hazards. AR solutions monitor critical parameters for hazard detection based on established algorithms. Models of risk assessment are established, and alerts are received by established personnel when hazards are detected.

3D reconstruction: Construction is a dynamic process. AR solution empowers construction companies to make fluid plans simulating possible changes as necessary. AR solutions allow organizations to modify the structure of projects with real-time information simulating parameters by combining on-site sensors with real-time information available. The application of AR solutions in this regards includes in as-built measurements and photogrammetry.

Collaboration: Real-time collaboration is essential for the progress of construction projects, especially those managed by multiple teams. AR solutions allow maximum collaboration between construction teams allowing these teams to share real-time information as necessary. The application of AR in achieving enhanced collaboration in construction includes AR-powered meetings and site visits.

Our AR solutions put the best application of available technologies at the command of construction organizations.