Data Reliability for Modern Data Teams

Data reliability for modern data teams

Data reliability is an essential part of modern data teams. In this webinar, Our data quality partner DQLabs and us jointly explore methods to ensure that your team’s data is reliable and trustworthy. We will discuss best practices for validating the accuracy of incoming data, strategies for dealing with incomplete or missing information, and techniques to maintain a high level of trust in your organization’s data assets.


Additionally, we’ll cover Data Integration, Data Discovery, Data Quality, Data Observability, Data Lineage, and Data Remediation. Our experts will discuss best practices, modern tools, challenges in data reliability, and strategies to help you build a robust data infrastructure.


Key takeaways from the Webinar:


PineappleYou’ll gain the knowledge needed to develop robust protocols that ensure the integrity and reliability of all organizational data assets moving forward!

PineappleYou will learn about the tools and technologies that can be used to improve data reliability, such as Modern ETL / ELT tools, Modern data quality platforms, data governance platforms, cloud-based data storage and processing solutions such as data warehouse, data lake, and data lakehouse.

PineappleOverall the goal of the webinar is to help data teams to implement strategies and solutions to ensure that their data is accurate, complete, and trustworthy so that it can be used to make business-critical decisions.

Raj Joseph

CEO - DQLabs Inc

Chand Mohammad

Practice Head - BI & Analytics

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