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Logistics & Automotive

The application of the latest technologies, in the form of software solutions, enables organizations in the logistics and automotive sectors to automate processes and provide the best quality of services achievable in the 21st century. It is noteworthy that with the different forms of technologies currently available, customers routinely expect the automation of operations across the different sectors. This expectation is also maintained for logistics and automotive organizations.

Intellectyx software solutions targeted towards the logistics and automotive industry includes the application of the Internet of Things and big data in tracking operations and analyzing data for insights, respectively. We also apply augmented and virtual reality in improving workflow within logistics and automotive organizations.
Our software solutions are applied for

Supply chain management: We build scalable and efficient supply chain management systems applying some of the best forms of technology currently available. In creating custom solutions for supply chain management, we blockchain as well as Internet of Things. Blockchain’s Smart Contact and sensors powered by IoT, for example, can be combined in the development of supply chain management processes for streamlining the process of monitoring activities.

Intellectyx also develops logistics solutions for automating processes such as auditing and inventory management. Smart warehousing is also powered by logistics software solutions.

Connectivity platforms: Quality customer service is driven by connectivity. We provide platforms that guarantee enhanced interactions across different vehicles and drivers in logistics organizations. With app monitoring as well as connectivity suites, maximum interactions can be achieved between passengers and drivers or riders. Intellectyx also offers long-haul navigation solutions. These platforms are developed by embedding custom software. With tethering, we also achieve enhanced connectivity between drivers and riders and passengers.

Data analytics: Logistics operations can be driven by insights from the analysis of big data. We provide solutions to serve this purpose. With custom software solutions, processes involved in data analytics, from the collection of data to the analysis of data can be automated.

Big data and machine learning are some of the latest technologies we apply in developing solutions for collecting logistics information. IoT sensors integrate these technologies allow the collection of strategic data for gaining insights for logistics operations. Intellectyx also develops custom reporting software for in-depth analysis of data collected by applying the different forms of technologies.

The integrative dashboards for our software solutions allow logistics and automotive organizations or view data collated from different platforms and with different technologies on a single interface.

We develop tools that automate a significant proportion of logistics and automotive operations.