Retail & E-Commerce

Retail & E-Commerce


Retail & E-Commerce

Customer satisfaction is critical to the success of retail and e-commerce businesses. We create custom software which is bound to enhance the shopping experience of customers in retail and e-commerce outlets. We also create solutions that improve the operations of organizations in the retail and e-commerce sectors.

Wondering how retail and e-commerce businesses benefit from our software development and application services, our core areas of focus are highlighted below.

Automated marketing: Products and services provided at Intellectyx include custom applications which automate marketing activities. Research has established that dedicated and automated marketing activities improve customer satisfaction, especially in retail and e-commerce businesses. ur automated marketing solutions allow organizations to learn more about the customers as well as their target audience for specific campaigns. ith our solutions, interactions with clients can be significantly enhanced with push notifications. Aspects especially covered by our automated marketing solutions for e-commerce and retail businesses include content management, navigation, push notifications, and geolocation.

Data analytics: Data is gold to e-commerce and retail businesses, as these organizations can gain insights for improving sales as well as breaking into new markets from accumulated data. Software solutions developed by Intellectyx for retail and e-commerce businesses include those for inventory as well as financial solutions such as POS software.According to the business objectives and needs, comprehensive software solutions for managing data accumulated across the different aspects of the business can be designed. IoT and training software are other software solutions that can be developed for retail and e-commerce organizations.

Mobile solutions: Provide the ultimate mobile shopping and interaction for customers with custom software solutions. Intellectyx develops mobile applications tailored for maximum interaction and premium shopping experience for retail and e-commerce businesses.

The ultimate shopping experience provided by our mobile solutions integrate technologies such as augmented reality allowing customers to navigate the shop from their phones. Features such as geofenced messaging are also included in these mobile solutions. According to preferences and business objectives, custom features could also be included in mobile solutions.

Intellectyx software solutions are tailored to empower retail and e-commerce businesses with all they need to make the available technologies. We are your top choice for software solutions.