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Sports & Teams

Every aspect of society stands to benefit from the advanced forms of technologies that have been developed in recent times. The sporting sector is not left out as the latest technologies can be employed in ways which include enhanced engagement with fans, custom software for health and wellness as well as improved monitoring of the progress of teams.

Intellectyx develops custom solutions for the sports and teams, empowering them with tools necessary for achieving next-level interaction and results. The application of Intellectyx software solutions are highlighted below

Next-level engagement: Custom software solutions by Intellectyx are some of the best tools for achieving the highest level of engagement with fans. We develop robust platforms with capabilities which include automated marketing and enhanced fan engagement. Automated marketing is achievable with custom software solutions with push notifications and social networking. Gamification and geolocation features on branded software solutions are applicable in achieving the highest levels of engagement. Features of Intellectyx custom software tailored to the needs of sports organizations also include specialized CMS which provides insight on the habits of fans.

Improved mobile experience: Fans cherish very few things as much as they cherish having the best experience of games. Mobile solutions developed by Intellectyx are designed to serve that purpose. These mobile solutions serve the purpose of improved mobile experience by applying the latest technologies, such as augmented reality.

Features of these software solutions, which include arena-home transit, are designed to give fans the best experience irrespective of their locations. Augmented reality takes live streaming of games to the next level, ensuring that fans get as much a feel of the game as possible. Streamlined ticket sales, which could be achieved with custom software, is also aimed at improved user experience. Custom features for delivering the best experience to fans can also be included in Intellectyx software solutions. Features of custom software solutions aimed at geofenced messaging targeting specific audiences.

Specialized health and training solutions: The specialized training software can be developed by our team for the health and wellness needs of teams. These solutions include features that ensure proper monitoring of the health and training statistics of athletes. Our team can modify the software to serve a specific purpose, and this is attained for health and training. The features of software solutions tailored to health and training need also allow an analysis of data as necessary. Technologies such as the Internet of Things can also be applied in monitoring training.

We are ready to create tools that drive sporting teams to greatness.