AI Powered Digital Transformation Solution for world’s largest Recruitment Agency!

AI Powered Digital Transformation Solution for world’s largest Recruitment Agency!



Our customer is world’s largest global workforce solutions company, offering a wide range of diverse talent management solutions across a vast spectrum of industry sectors, job types and geographic regions. They provide temporary, permanent and contingent staffing solution for more than five thousand existing customer bases with millions of candidates.


Innovations in technology over the last decade have fundamentally transformed the creation of employment. Our client’s competition is using digital technologies to secure world-class free-agent talent and transform their operating models. Workers, in turn, are increasingly using specialized skills to pursue the flexibility of an independent career. Today, with more than tens of millions of workforces are freelancing in some form or fashion, the world of workforce solution is undergoing a massive transformation. On-demand professionals are increasingly becoming a critical and strategic part of a modern workforce. 88% percent of businesses surveyed are currently engaging on-demand professionals.

As per the detailed study made by Intellectyx team by conducting multiple level of stakeholder interviews, surveys data collections and internal process study, we identified few challenges that customer face as listed below

  • The business process doesn’t cover any options to acquire new talents.
  • Accounts mangers are loaded with work and must spend over time in managing client and customer requests.
  • Internal team faces a large lot of operational issues as its highly manual with error prone process.
  • Lack of proper workflow around automation of timesheet, placement, scheduling, tracking of candidates, and profiles.
  • Candidates find difficult to submit and update the skill sets as they gain new skills and miss out on new opportunities.
  • No timely update in terms of job needs, process, and lack of standard to provide companies with high quality, qualified candidates.
  • Lack of mobile device support in terms candidate job search, application and placement and ongoing process.

To support fulfilment of placements across a wide range of verticals and different type of workforce solutions, this complex landscape with physical locations and disconnected processes, work all had to be streamlined and digitized across all channels and personas. This involves all processes from candidate sourcing, candidate registration, candidate profiling, candidate tracking, timesheet management, client order management to billing and invoicing with inter connected human intervention processes and dependencies. Further the customer had tried to implement a self-service system and automate using their existing ERP and CRM software’s. However, they failed to achieve the end to end process automation using those systems and maintaining the candidates experience and client commitments.

Intellectyx took the time to understand the culture, landscape, previous failure scenarios, current climate and market opportunities to present a fully digitized solution.

We have all these advanced systems in place, but still we cannot find a best solution to automate our existing contingency recruitment and placement to enhance customer and candidate experience

Rajiv T, VP Digital


As part of the effort, Intellectyx started the digital transformation journey from a discovery phase and conducted a series of interviews with both blue collar and white-collar candidates, clients to understand the personas, needs of the customer, their work environment and current business process. Upon talking with various stakeholders and analysing all data points collected Intellectyx proposed a multi-channel architecture and started developing the end to end digital contingency platform solution to automate the existing contingency recruitment, placement process.

This new solution was built on the below listed guiding principles

Proactive personalization – Based on our stakeholder interview, providing order recommendations based on past purchases and browsing history was critical and an important aspect of the relationship that needed to be enhanced. All our recommendations, search results were location based. The platform was planned to be built with proactive personalization that includes Geolocation based location additions for new orders, Digital Timesheet Checkin, Real Time Availability, Tracking etc.,

Hyper convenience – We want to deliver what our customers want(services), when they want (scenario) and where they want (channel) as fast as possible. Hyper-convenience isn’t just about process. It also means making it easy to see, understand and engage with everything the client must offer. Some examples include Recommended orders based on previous orders, profile information etc.

Massive Value Shift - The goal was to provide a digital solution that shall add value not only present but also in the near providing new revenue channels, giving the leading edge from competition and a high transparency with lightning speed of communication.

Personal Touch – The human aspect always provides a comfort and trust factor that no system can replace. Knowing that a set of account managers are there behind the system ensures the trust and confidence what we want to give.


The integrated digital contingency platform solution enhanced the customer and candidate experience with 100% transparent process, real time updates aided with geolocation enabled workflows.

Not only the experience was available across all channels, devices but also reduced the overall operating cost with increase in new opportunities.

With a combination of technologies aided by Artificial Intelligence, analytics and user personalization, the customer was able to

  • Grow revenue by 40% with real time candidate ready pool and smart pricing.
  • Reduced Cost of sales by intelligent recruitment algorithms would push the placement for desired candidate with less manual intervention.
  • Bottom line / Margin improved from 10% to 20% within 12-month period.
  • Reduction in Back office operations touch points, thus reducing the resources efforts and this leading to reduction in headcounts or reusing existing headcounts into more futuristic demand supply and active client engagement to increase the overall satisfaction, experience.
  • Brand marketing reach & awareness and high engagement and consistence experience across channels.
  • High-level controls, Insights & scalability.
  • Supports future expansions such as providing access to high quality talent pool with precise data for client’s direct recruitment needs.
  • Achieved higher level of customer and candidate experience and quality.
  • Ability to use complete automated AI powered platform with client request handling to sourcing to fulfilment to billing to payments.


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