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Coconino County


Digital Equitable Economic Recovery Dashboard

Coconino County, AZ, embarked on its Equitable Economic Recovery Plan, seeking a vendor to develop an Economic Indicator Dashboard. Intellectyx collaborated with the County to create a PowerBI-driven dashboard featuring ten key metrics, including poverty, housing prices, and small business performance. The dashboard was seamlessly embedded into the County’s existing website, CivicPlus, for public accessibility. As part of the project, Intellectyx automated data extraction using Robotic Process Automation (RPA), ensuring data accuracy and reliability. The centralized PostgreSQL database stores scraped data from open data portals, facilitating continuous updates as per specified frequencies.


The project’s success is defined by the Economic Recovery Dashboard’s ability to provide insights into the County’s economic well-being, fostering informed decision-making. The dashboard, ADA compliant and filter-free, serves as a continuous feedback loop, promoting transparency and accountability. The implementation of new APIs and scripts ensures automated data retrieval from various sources, enhancing the dashboard’s accuracy and relevance. Overall, Intellectyx delivered a digitally advanced and publicly accessible Equitable Economic Recovery Dashboard, integrated seamlessly into Coconino County’s website, marking a significant step towards transparent and data-driven economic recovery initiatives.


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