The Tacoma Public Utilities

The Tacoma Public Utilities

Tacoma Public Utilities

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Tacoma Public Utilities (TPU) faced the challenge of enhancing its data-driven capabilities and sought a data catalog platform to organize distributed datasets. Intellectyx stepped in, implementing an AI-augmented data catalog platform,, tailored to integrate disparate data sources within TPU’s infrastructure. Leveraging built-in connectors and custom APIs, the platform cataloged datasets, allowing flexible searching and filtering for efficient data discovery.


This implementation centralized technical metadata, utilizing AI and Machine Learning to recommend datasets, enhancing accessibility while prioritizing data security. The platform unified data sources across TPU’s systems, including Snowflake, AWS, and SQL Server, empowering various user groups—from data stewards to analysts and engineers—to extract business value efficiently.


The results were significant: TPU’s data professionals could easily find and comprehend relevant datasets, fostering self-service analytics, and optimizing value extraction from the Snowflake data warehouse. Additionally, the platform ensured cybersecurity and data privacy, offering a holistic solution that streamlined data analytics use cases, ultimately propelling TPU towards a more data-driven future.


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