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Implementation of Advanced Generative AI Chat Experience at Waterford Technologies

Waterford Technologies grappled with challenges in improving customer interactions, particularly in customer support efficiency and service ticket streamlining. Integrating an advanced Generative AI (GAI) chat experience added complexity, with a paramount focus on data security in the helpdesk. The primary objective was to enhance customer and employee interactions, emphasizing quick information access, troubleshooting, and efficient service ticket creation. Intellectyx, in collaboration, implemented a state-of-the-art GAI chatbot framework, employing machine learning algorithms like tf-idf, word2vec, and cosine-similarity, alongside models such as Llama2, LTSM, and Transformers. The seamless deployment includes Token-based authentication for enhanced data security. The hybrid solution, using pretrained language models like LlaMa 2 7B and the Retrieval Augmented Generations approach, significantly improved customer support, optimizing helpdesk processes. The solution’s scalability and adaptability showcase its effectiveness, establishing a more efficient and user-friendly interaction platform for Waterford Technologies, laying the groundwork for ongoing enhancements and future expansions.




  • Advanced Generative AI (GAI)


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