City of Westminster

City of Westminster


Implementation of Data Warehouse and Power BI Solution

The City of Westminster, Colorado faced data management challenges, requiring a tailored solution for scattered information across departments. Partnering with Intellectyx, the city sought to enhance government transparency through a strategic Azure Cloud-based Data Warehouse and Power BI implementation. Thoroughly analyzing the city’s IT infrastructure, Intellectyx designed a robust Azure Data Factory to efficiently extract and aggregate data from on-premises SQL servers. 


Addressing challenges head-on, the collaborative effort resulted in department-level reporting for seven key departments, scheduled data publication, and secure external data sharing. The project achieved milestones, including enhanced data accessibility, model development, and rigorous information security measures. This success marks a significant advancement in the City’s data infrastructure, offering a streamlined and secure approach to analytics and reporting. Stakeholders, both internal and external, can now make informed decisions based on valuable insights derived from the consolidated and organized data.  


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