Learning Analytics Platform for a “Big Three” Educational Publishers

Learning Analytics Platform for a “Big Three” Educational Publishers

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Our customer is one of the world's largest “Big Three” Educational Publishers. Their mission is to accelerate learning through intuitive, engaging, efficient and effective experiences. They provide large suite of service offerings like content production, digital publishing, data conversion, editorial services, eLearning and legal content solutions


Being a prominent eLearning solution provider, despite increasing the requirement for e-learning solution, our client always wanted to be a pioneer with unmatched e-learning offerings. With multiple platforms to help learners and students, Client is interested in knowing and understanding the student’s online behavior while performing assessments and learning activities through their learning management system.
For example: If a student performs assessment in math, the client wanted to get the insights on student pattern like how many steps he took for solving a particular problem etc., their existing application which could not capture or store critical information, such as time stamp, click streams, events etc., impeded the ability to extract valuable information. The behavioral analysis would help them to measure performance and provide recommendations for improvement based on student behavior patterns that helps to the broaden understanding


We @ Intellectyx understood the client requirement and analyzed their existing Moodle based open source learning management system, after multiple level of assessments we developed a custom solution that can be integrated into their existing Moodle capable of providing students behavior analysis. The developed solution with advanced visual analytics and in-built data analysis helps to gain insights on the logs, user behaviors, timestamps, clickstreams and events. Learning analytics facilitates evaluation of the effectiveness of questionnaire and help to closely monitor students’ learning, persistence, predict students’ performance, detect undesirable learning behaviors and emotional states. The learning analytics platform is also capable to showcase the monitoring progress, forecasting the success of learners, detecting potential problems and the recommendations for improvement in a single view.

We used Druid to store, query and analyze large event streams such as user generated data, click streams and machine generated data. D3.js for effective visualization and easy understanding, Making the best use of developed solution customer can slice-and-dice, drill down student behavioral data to various levels.


With the processing time in seconds, system could analyze, respond and react to student behaviors faster than ever before.

  • Improved engagement and performance index with personalized learning
  • Interactive charts with timing details on the screen
  • User behavior and recommendations for improvement
  • Notifies the lagging area which has to be given more emphasis and provide suggestions
  • Robust logging and data analysis with built-in visual analytics providing 360-degree view


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