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City Of Spokane

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Citizen Portal & Master Data Management Portal

The City of Spokane, facing inefficiencies in sharing requested datasets for analytics, sought an end-to-end Master Data Management (MDM) Portal for streamlined governance. Intellectyx implemented a comprehensive solution using Microsoft Azure’s Modern data warehouse architecture and PowerBI, facilitating advanced reporting and visualization. The city’s diverse datasets, including Criminal Justice Information, Health Insurance Portability and Accountability, and more, were ingested, merged, and profiled in real-time. The solution, housed in a centralized Datawarehouse, enabled a single repository for structured datasets, promoting transparency and efficient data sharing across departments.


Data-driven workflows and interactive reporting, embedded with charts and graphs, empowered meaningful analysis. The platform optimized manual efforts, enhanced business intelligence capabilities, and reduced data quality errors. The result was a Master Data Management system, ensuring a single version of data truth, improved city applications, and interfaces. The centralized repository opened avenues for widespread citizen engagement, promoting government transparency, and fostering participation. The City of Spokane now benefits from streamlined data access, improved analytics, and a robust foundation for effective communication with citizens and stakeholders.


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